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Yea, what you said is fairly normal, OP. I usually just ignore the stupid things and heal if I don't have to blow every CD I have for a normal trash pull, or just rez them if they die. Then you will get the people who will derp and pretend it's your fault, or just yell at you. I will tell them exactly what they did wrong, like when a DK stood in Whirlwind from the rabbit-thing boss in Brewery in greens the other day and died instantly, then had the nerve to go "? Heals?". That person...got an earful.

PvP I just ignore on principle. The only times where it's been a problem are during the legendary quest, and the random Nalak/Sha/Ooodanasty pug where some blithering idiot will have themselves flagged and I will accidentally heal them mid combat (I would rather let them die then flag myself). In those cases, it's pretty nice being a Monk. With Dematerialize, Chi Torpedo, Healing Sphere and such I am very, very hard to catch and kill. If other healers find it fun, good on them, but if Blizzard isn't "forcing" me to do it, I will never willingly participate as a healer, not for the foreseeable future. And it seems Blizzard wants to keep it that way.
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04/17/2013 10:32 AMPosted by Baluin
Get kicked from Dungeons because people keep running away and picking up MORE mobs, and keep getting out of heal range. Then dying.

What I do in that situation (and how I don't get kicked), I'll politely point out why they died. If it's my own fault, I'll admit to it, but a lot of the time tanks and dps die to non-situational awareness.

On my tank characters, I won't even pull unless I know the healer is behind me and in range.

Had a dps pull one of the drakes in the drake room in UP earlier (I was on my monk) while the tank was already on the next set of adds. Well, needless to say, I can't be in two places at once. When the dps died and I rezzed them I asked: "So, did you learn your lesson?"

Didn't happen again that run.
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Part of being a healer means that you develop a deep-seated resentment for your raid/party/BG members.


They cause nothing but trouble, I'm telling you!

As for the people kicking you because they run off to Egypt while you're trying to loot, or run around corners and ask you why you can't heal through walls, they're really dumb and deserve to die. Consider that party kick a get-out-of-jail-free card freeing you from the horror of a bad group. :)


and the grass is just as grey on the horde side... i really dont do bgs anymore because of that sole reason...
standard dps-"WHERE THE !@#$ ARE THE HEALS?!?!??!"...

me- "umm right where you left them... before you tunnel zoned into dps and left your heals behind to get pummeled"

These nimrods are why I don't do BGS at all anymore, You can't do PVP when people don't follow the basic character rolls and rules.

Let the tank pull unless he asks you to
watch the healer's back, front, and all sides. "Don't TOUCH my healer!"
if you don't know, ask. Everyone started playing at one time.

I can remember good times in BGs with my old twink guild but those days are long gone.
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