Justifiable Homicide can't kill 2 undergeared

90 Pandaren Monk
Me (eudokia) and my friend (Vennu) were coming back from doing our dailies on Isle of Thunder when we saw these 2 guys, Kkent and his boyfriend haha Fharryn, and we killed them over and over (yes, they killed us like 2 or 3 times) but i mean we were only 2 vs 2 .. but NO they are such a **** ****** they had to called 1 more buddy, err... i mean another faiil .. yeah a warlock, we kept killing them haha, then you mad brah ??

They summoned 2 more guys (seriously guys ??? more ??? we were only 2 and in top of that undergeared.) so yeah, blood dk and rogue joined the fail group.

at the end we kept killing them over and over again.
and the purpuse of the post is to make FUN OF YOU of course... and to let you know guys on alliance side that this guild is such a FAIL...

and they call themselves "Justifiable Homicide" ROFL !!!!!
seriously guys change that guild name .. make it sometihng like "Noobcakes" hahahahahaha
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Sounds like you guys had a jolly good time frolicking in Azeroth. Why are you tell us this though?
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90 Human Rogue
I tried to care while I read this. I really did. But my mind kept drifting.

It was all "dis one time, we like totally unzipped our pants and beat these hordies to def with our" ... Hmm, I wonder if the Golden Girls ever coated each other in butter and... oh, dude's still talking.... "den I was all like yo dude, iz cold as hemp out here and so tiny yet we still beated you to"... Why didn't the Pokemon ever get pissed off about being captured and eat Ash? They could totally take him, there were hundreds of them in his backpa... oh, dude still... "BUT I DIDN'T EVEN TEAR, so i wen home 'n showered, 'n when iz got back there were like 17 more of dem 'n i was all IZ TAKE YOU ALLZ"....I bet Yoda had an internet connection that they just never showed in the movie. That swamp island must've been really boring all alone.

...And so forth.
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90 Night Elf Druid
Oh my...at your entertaining story. In this very creative tale you weave you sound very awesome, indeed. You take creative license to whole new level. I really hate to have to insert a little fact to this story, but I am bored...

1.) Both Kkent's (female) fiancee and my husband would be offended if I was, in fact, Kkent's "boyfriend".

2.) We killed your warlock friend, Vennu, and a rogue multiple times BEFORE you even showed up. So, apparently he "called" you as well. Guess the guards weren't cutting it for him.

3.) You were very strong in fighting us "2 vs 2" and "dominating" us in your little tale. But you may want to included that "2 vs 2" included all the guards on the horde isle, the alliance PVP daily quest guy, the sharks, etc. Oh, and the DK and troll hunter that joined you. You had us as enemies and we had everything in sight? You go, slugger!

4.) I do not call full season 13 PVP gear "undergeared" compared to my ungemmed, unenchanted season 12 gloves and cloak, which I may or may not have had on at the time because I forgot I had them until way later. The people we summoned: Zaxxon and Asperser do not own any PVP gear either.

5.) Justifiable Homicide is a very casual, fun, mostly PVE (not PVP) guild.

The fact that you and your little friend died so many times, by your own admittance, when we were in the very middle of the isle with 30 or so elite guards in addition to you is really an achievement for you to boast about!


I had a great time though. Even with my 5 or so deaths in the 3+ hours we were fighting y'all. It made the LFR queues fly by! Plus, I got a ton of honor and Black Prince rep!

I am new to PVP, so I did not know we were supposed to run to the forums and brag (although very inaccurately). But then...as a woman....I've never had to overcome the questionable size of my.... never mind. See you on the battlefield, Junior!

P.S. Personal shout out to Turian and Kennobi! Long live the pink bunny!
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90 Night Elf Priest
Wait did you just tattle on two of my guildies on the wow forums? LOL. What is this the 6th grade now?


Hi Fharryn! <3 you!
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Man, that guild must be dead if he had to jump on the forums and let the realm know he killed you guys with the help of elite guards (and sharks...we need a bigger boat!)


Great job guys!
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90 Night Elf Druid
The sharks are the most important element in the whole thing! They didn't even warrant a mention in the original post?! I think the shark community should hear about this!
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90 Pandaren Monk
LOL, sounds like they were still but hurt days later : D
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90 Worgen Death Knight
Who? The horde guys? Yeah, probably. They were obviously embarrassed a bit it took the help of 30 npc horde (elite guards included) to drop two non pvp geared toons. Then to come here and brag about it. Kids today.
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