How to PvP 5.2

90 Human Paladin
Ok, me and my friends has made a list of stuff you need to know to be a great PvPer. Follow this list and you are for sure going to be the greatest darrowmere has to offer!
1. You must spam your kick on cooldown, healers fake cast you so if you spam your kick you will sooner or later kick them.
2. Don't keybind! You can save your time and just click your spells.
3. Always backpeddle! Think about it, blizz put backpeddle on "s" key for a reason.
4. Never do arenas, bgs, or RBGs without vent. Vent is far better then skype by far.
5. When you are in a BG, fight in the roads and never defend a base, it makes your zerg less effective.
6. Never Q for a RBG unless chry is arc, if chry isn't arc.. then you will not kill a FC with 10 stacks.
7. Always stack stam gems! If you're not stacking stam gems then you will die faster.
8. If you are a death knight, roll blood spec. If no one will will let you DPS in RBGs as blood.. then don't even try with them. Blood can't die and does the most dps in game.
9. Frost death knights, frost mages, and monks are the most under powered classes in game, if you can't break 1550 with it, blame it on blizz.
10. Boomys can not find RBGs or arenas, there is no comp for them and there CCs are under powered.

Thank you for reading this, and good luck to becoming the greatest darrowmere has to offer.
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90 Dwarf Shaman
I support this thread

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90 Human Death Knight
I broke 2200 with this guide.
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90 Human Death Knight
When you get 3 capped in EoS go for the flag in mid.
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37 Human Mage
This is accurate information.
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90 Tauren Druid
Fake astergx
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90 Draenei Shaman
that astergx is the fake astergx, the REAL astergx followed the tips and got 2350 in 3s.
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90 Human Mage
My username is Chryss. I am available for dueling pretty much all of the time when I'm not at school.
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90 Draenei Shaman
wings up, collar popped, swaggin!!!!! #BaSeD!!!
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90 Human Warlock
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