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90 Troll Hunter
Currently looking for a Casual/Friendly guild to join which is somewhat active. I've played since vanilla and have a lot to bring to the table. Willing to transfer servers and would like to stay horde but would think about re-rolling alliance if the guild felt right. Toons that I would transfer over:

90 Hunter- Mining/Skinning
85 Druid- Tank/Healer- Blacksmith/Miner
85 Mage- Enchanter/Tailor
85 Warlock- Inscriptionist/Herbalist

Other options of toons based on guild needs

85 Pally- Tank/Healer- Jewelcrafter/ Miner
85 DK- Alchemist/ Herbalist

Again I am only looking for a casual guild who maybe raids occasionally and does heroics. Active guild is a must as I do not want to transfer to a guild to find that only 2 people are active. Thanks for the help.
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90 Blood Elf Mage
We are a newly transfered level 25 guild looking for more members to begin our descent into MoP and beyond. We are currently in need of some dps and heals to complete our 10m team. We have open raid days at the moment, meaning we dont have set days we go week by week and figure out what works with for each member to ensure we can make it work. We have extensive history in raids pre mop and would enjoy building a team with you.

Levelers and casuals also welcome. We are laid back and just aim to have a good time above all else. We are definitley drama free and help as much as we can. BOAs and perks unlocked, pets amd many achievements earned. Level 25 guild.

Feel free to add me to real id if you have anything you would like to know.

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90 Blood Elf Hunter
Hey Headshotty,

Hit me up on real id:

We have a great community in guild and we're very active. Depending on day and time, we can have any where between 5 (early afternoons) to 45 (Tues-Thurs late nights). Although we're mainly a raiding guild (with multiple raid teams) we have a great group of socials/casuals who are important members of the guild. We pull in casuals and pvpers into the guild as long as our basic guild rules are followed.

Here's all our basic guild rules:
1. Must be active: Not on for 4 weeks = /gkick (Alts included. Alts not on for a month will be /gkicked.) We can reinvite once you log in again.
2. Treat guildies (and players outside the guild) with respect.
3. Keep a mature atmosphere of 18+
(Raiders must be 18 and up. Socials can be any age as long as it's realized that crude language and jokes are allowed in guild.)
4. No trolling outside guild/personal environment.
5. No ninja lootz.
6. Being an elitist is fine, but NO elitist !@#$%^-s. Don't act like you are above anyone else and don't put others down.
7. Anyone can be invited to the guild as a social (as long as they follow our rules)
8. Anyone interested in raiding must go through an interview with a guild leader first (not everyone is accepted as raider... you've been warned!)
Above all have fun!!

If you want to be a progression raider in our guild, we have a lot more rules guided/depending on which team you are in. Each of our groups are lead differently.

If you would like to raid casually, we have a 10man that runs on Saturday from 8pm-11pm CST called Team Casualties.. This is a first come first serve type of group.. So first 2 tanks, first 2/3 heals and first 5/6 dps get in. We'll also be running a server wide 25man raids on Friday so those that have alts or maybe didn't get to raid for the week can get in.

Hit me up on real id (Shadyshen@yahoo.com) or pst me in game :)

Either way,
Gluck in your search.
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90 Blood Elf Hunter
Are you still looking?
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