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Just wanted to follow up on where <Animosity> is at with the current tier. While we strove to set ourselves apart by moving to a consistent 25-man raiding guild, over the past few months we have decided that this faction on Doomhammer simply cannot support the quality of raiding we have set for ourselves while having a consistent roster of roughly 30-players on the limited schedule that we have.

Going forward <Animosity> has decided to put all progression focus on 2 separate 10-man groups that both raid on the same days/times.

---25-man Boss Farm---
Since both of our groups raid on the same days and times, we have decided that if we have enough players to not impede our boss clears, we will kill the bosses both groups have on farm status as a 25-man raid. With that being said, both raid teams have roughly 11 players on the roster and we are always going to be looking for 3-5 players that may want to fill in spots in our 25-man boss farms.

If anyone is interested in potentially filling in for our 25-man boss farms, I invite you to reach out to me at Chantelle#1126 to join us.

25-Man Raid Days: Sunday 6pm. Lasts roughly 1-2 hours for the 25-man portion of the raid.

Doing this has several benefits for both fillers and the guild:

Benefits to the guild:
-Guild members have a higher chance for Thunderforged gear to drop.
-25-man bosses drop 6 pieces of gear, less RNG when compared to the mere 2 drops in 10-man. There are pieces of loot in previous tiers that we have never seen drop due to the way 10-man drops are set up. 25-man raiding greatly increases the probability of the "one-item" that is needed for the raid to drop.
-Most of us in guild have a preference for the scale of 25-man raids versus 10-man raids in terms of personal satisfaction and fulfillment.

Benefits to fillers:
-Mogu Rune of Fate can be used on 522/528 pieces of loot instead of LFR[
-Unwanted main-spec pieces for main-raiders will be up for grabs for fillers.
-Raid experience in fights that most would only see through LFR
-Build connections with a larger group of players. My BattleTag friends is the first place I look when doing Oondasta groups, alt raids, optional raids, challenge modes, easy heroics, etc.
-No commitment to raiding every week. If you want to fill in for one raid a month, I really don't care if you can't fill for every week after that. Great for players with variable/fluctuating schedules
-We're not selling loot. There is no cost to win an item as long it is available for fillers
-And finally, EASY KILLS! These are bosses we are already farming, so there won't be wipe after wipe of learning!

Filler Requirements:
We won't just take anyone as a filler however, and I do have some requirements before you decide to fill in a raid for us. I think most of you will find that these requirements are not very strict and fair:

-Item Level must be 490 or higher. We will not be carrying fresh 90's with low item levels
-Have Mumble installed. We use Mumble for voice chat. You can down load at http://mumble.sourceforge.net/
-Be on and ready to go at 5:50pm on Sunday in order to ensure speedy selection of fillers.
-Have basic knowledge of the fights at least in LFR

Loot is determined in the following manner:
-Items that are needed by our two main raids will be distributed to main raiders first. **Keep in mind that there are not many items we need for our main raiders since the bosses we will be doing on 25-man are bosses we have been farming on 10-man for some time.**
-If an item is not needed by main raiders, we will allow Fillers to /roll for the item announced.
-If you already won an item and are interested in another item that is up for grabs, you can /roll for it unless a filler who has not won anything in interested. We want to be fair and make sure multiple fillers have a chance to leave the raid with an item instead of one person leaving with 3-4 items.

Raid Behavior
It's not a secret that we screw around a lot in raid, but when we're killing bosses that are on farm status if you are doing things that are detracting us from a kill or causing potential wipes, that player may be removed from the raid in order to reduce the risk of wiping and wasting everyone's time.

Again if anyone is interested, reach out to me at Chantelle#1126 and let me know what role you can fill with (IE: DPS/Tank/Healer). Off the bat, I can say that the chances of getting a spot are more than likely going to DPS players first -> Healers -> Tanks. Between our 2 10-man raids, we have 4 main tanks to pick from.

Also, if anyone is looking for a more "regular" raiding spot. My Friday night 7pm-9:30pm Throne group is looking for a Tank, and a few DPS and Healers. Contact me if you are interested in this group.
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100 Pandaren Priest
Update, still looking for a few good heads that want to take advantage of this.
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90 Human Rogue
If only y'all weren't orc lovers ...
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100 Pandaren Priest
If anyone is interested in this, hit me up.
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100 Blood Elf Paladin
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90 Pandaren Priest

"We need your help, but you get nothing unless we don't need it"

That's a team I wanna help out!
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Small chance at something is better than no chance at anything, Cuddly. Plus, like Chantelle said. Damn near everyone in Animosity is geared AT LEAST viable for heroic. Which is 515+. Yeah, they put their guild first. Ya'know, the guild that actually gets more bosses down, puts in X hours a week to keep things moving, etc etc. But those ~5 extra people that tag in get to see more raid content than a vast majority of the server. AND they have a shot at 100% FREE 522/528 gear.

If I had the time, I'd do this every week.
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100 Blood Elf Paladin

Plus, it's not like most of them NEED much at this point.


Still wish that dagger would've dropped for mah rogue.
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