How is Ask Mr. Robot for advice on heal gear?

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04/11/2013 06:28 AMPosted by Morenn

See and for some godawful reason, people in my guild tend to treat it that way. There's a lot of people out there that do the same.

It's actually one of the reasons I don't like the site. Because people just blindly do whatever the first option says to do without putting actual thought into it.

This is pretty much my issue. The tool is just that, a tool. It can be used properly or improperly (though as mentioned there are some "quirks" that should probably be fixed). My annoyance with it mostly derives from it being the default answer (along with Noxxic/IcyVeins to a lesser extent) given to anyone asking a question about gear/stats.

Yep. And even if you WERE to, say, set up a "this is the one-size fits all" setting for Disc, it still wouldn't be right. Some Priests are stacking Crit and Mastery. Some Priests are stacking Crit and Haste. Some are stacking Haste and Mastery. Some are stacking pure Haste, and then worrying about other stats. So which do you choose? In my experience, they are all within a fairly close margin of each other, and so it's hard to say which one is the best. I prefer Mastery and enough Haste to hit the extra cast of SS. Does that make my preference correct for every Priest? No. But if you were to set that as the "default" in AskMrRobot, people would think, "THIS IS WHAT I SHOULD STACK/HOW I SHOULD GEAR FOR EVERYTHING." And it's just not.
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1. Rereading the original post, it contains two separate thoughts, and the first is throwing off the entire thread.
I'm having a hard time finding or figuring my stat weights,...

This is unrelated to AMR. AMR is not used to learn your stat weights. The relationship between stats should be learned via guides, forums, videos, etc. As Zoopercat said, AMR links to places like icy-veins for you to learn about stat weights.

...and I'd like to know if AMR is worth using for advice on upgrades, reforges, gems, etc.

This is the part specifically about AMR, and I think the answer is yes. This yes is assuming that you have solved the first problem of figuring out your stat weights. You must know your stat weights to be able to use AMR properly. It is a good tool to find reforging/gemming combinations to match your stat weights and breakpoints. It is a good tool to see all the possible upgrades for every slot (based on the stat weights you provide). It is a good tool to see how to spend your Valor Points (based on the stat weights you provide). It is a good tool to see where to spend your tokens (based on the stat weights you provide). It also has the benefit of being available to you while you are not playing.

2. It's not right to discount or not recommend a tool because other people use it incorrectly. Many people have already stated that blindly using the default stat weights is poor use of the tool, and that is not a valid reason to dislike a tool.
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