Tips for 10m Tortos?

90 Human Paladin
What the title says.
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90 Night Elf Priest
This fight can be extremely difficult, but it has received a lot of hotfixes to make it easier.

First, be sure you're only 2 healing it. My raid struggled for the longest time when trying to 3 heal. You certainly can 3 heal it, but it extends the fight which creates more opportunities for careless mistakes (and it only takes one to wipe the raid). 2 healing may seem difficult, but it's perfectly doable. Be sure to time healing cooldowns right after Quake and all DPS need to be using their defensive cooldowns once all the healing cooldowns are used up (or more frequently if they have shorter cooldowns).

The encounter technically isn't a DPS race, but the higher the DPS, the faster adds and the boss will die. Anything less than 100k average DPS will make the fight much more difficult. Ideally, 3-4 ranged should be on the shells once they come out and they should be slowed. The shells should be the top priority until dead while melee stay on the boss, then switch to bats once they arrive (ranged switch to bats after killing shells). Cast Heroism/Bloodlust after the first shell goes through Tortos, to take advantage of the increased damage (+30%) and because things are less hectic at the start of the fight. Once he gets down to about 5% health, everyone should just focus on Tortos to burn him.
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90 Orc Shaman
If you have a holy paladin or disco priest, bubble everyone up before Quake Stomps.
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90 Blood Elf Priest
For 2 or 3 healing, it really just depends on your dps. We've only did like 3 pulls on the boss when we got to him but (best attempt was 40%) for us, 5 dps was more than enough (we like the extra healer as a safety net). It was probably because at the time of the attempts we had an extra range versus our normal setup so the turtles died pretty fast. That being said, two healing it is definitely possibly if it seems like your dps is lacking. I know that for us, all the healers still had over 200k mana by the time the boss got to 50%

Besides that, the most important thing I'd say is make sure you time your raid cooldowns correctly for each Quake. Make sure the bat tank is healed instantly after each stomp. We messed up on that and that was what wiped us in our last attempt where it looked like it was going to be a kill attempt. Even with 3 healers, it can be easy to fail on this so it will be especially true if you're going with 2 healers. That is probably the most dangerous part of the encounter that will cause you to randomly wipe since the bats will most likely instagib someone the instant the tank dies.

Also, make sure whoever is kicking the shell knows what they're doing.
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90 Tauren Druid
Our group 1 Tanks - 3 Heals Tortos.

On my Hpally I just make sure to keep my EF blanket going, HS on CD, and I macro'd Holy Prism to target Tortos and used it after every Quake. Other than that I am focusing the tank full time (esp with the single tank).

As far as raid damage. Make sure people move away, not just out of the Rockfalls. It still does splash damage. Due to the tight timers (and in our case heavier tank damage) my general rule is if there is one Rockfall near me I will just move out and keep healing, but if there is a cluster I book it 20 yards out to avoid the multiple splash hits.

Holy Prism is huge on this fight, it wound up being my 3rd strongest heal with just using it after Quake.

Just make sure you are coordinating with your other healers on a CD rotation for Quake. Quake followed by Rockfalls can get really messy.
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90 Troll Druid
Stomp by itself shouldn't kill anyone. It's not moving out of rockfall + stomp damage that creates an issue.

Basically this fight all boils down to -

Killing turtles
Having a assigned range and a backup kicking both for boss interrupt and bats
Not standing on downed turtles before the time to kick because of rockfall
Keeping the bat tank top'd off
Bat tank grabbing aggro correctly (He can even before they are physically lower)
Rolling coordinated CDs after/at stomps depending upon what classes are healing.
Awareness of one's surrounding

Now if you have a monk tank you can simply kite all the bats and not kill them. This actually is the heroic strategy but works very well even on normal and shortens the fight.

I made this vid yesterday on our first and only test of this strategy and other than my total fail at the end in letting LB fall off and bat tank eating it he died much quicker than normal. You can see the nerfs clearly and how simple doing it this way can be IF you have a monk tank.
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90 Undead Priest
What the title says.

Cast spells, don't die.
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90 Human Paladin
The key for my group's kill was slowing the turtles down and kill as quickly as you can. then bats, then boss. stay out of the blue circles.

As for a HPally. Holy Prism, Holy Prism, Holy Prism...did I mention Holy Prism especially for 10m. I beacon the bat tank so he can keep above the 350k hp mark. The last 20% there's going to be a lot of raid dmg going out. At that point we totally ignored the turtles and bats and zerg'd Tortus pop heroism/bloodlust/timewarp. if you're going to die during that part, pop divine shield and guardian then start bombing away with heals.
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90 Human Paladin
k ty for the help we downed him!
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90 Draenei Shaman
woot, grats!

Megaera is ridiculously simple, once you get Tortos :D
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