[Druid] Courageous Primal Diamond Issues

90 Night Elf Druid
So I was fortunate to obtain my Corageous Primal Diamond on Wednesday, just in time for some progression raiding on Heroic Tortos. What I came to find out was one of the most irritating experiences I would come to enjoy.

First of all, I use WeakAuras and have tracked this meta gem's proc, which, unfortunately, is called "Clearcasting". Here are the problems that I am experiencing with this meta gem proc:

1.) Whenever my Druid Clearcasting proc is up simultaneously to that of the Courageous Primal Diamond, my buffs bar only tracks that of the Druid Clearcasting and not of the meta gem's Clearcasting. This leads to wasted time on an already short proc of four seconds. Sometimes, for example, I store my Clearcasting while running to avoid Rockfall, use the ability to heal someone to full, and then find that my meta proc had just run out. And before you think that it was the hard cast ability (i.e., Regrowth) that caused the meta to proc, there have been NUMEROUS instances where I have an active metagem proc and then "earn" a Druid Clearcasting proc and have it overwritten and untrackable in my buff bar.

2.) This is likely more due to my failure to understand the nuances of WeakAuras, but whenever my Druid Clearcasting ability procs I am faced with my WeakAura indicator also showing due to the fact that it shares the same ability name as the met gem proc. This is far too confusing, but could likely be alleviated with a High-CPU scan of the proc from the meta gem to separate it from my personal Clearcasting.

3.) The proc is amazingly short. Currently I am running as close to my haste breakpoint as I am capable of doing (3043 haste rating), and the proc that I am awarded will give me exactly three free rejuvenations if I were to recongnize it within the first second of the ability. With a 1.40 second RPPM and no ICD, this averaged out to roughly 5-6 free rejuvenations within a given minute, if not borked by the problems faced in the first argument.

What are other Restoration Druids doing with this metagem? Are they experiencing any similar issues to myself? I would like to see the meta gem proc name changed to something different and have it not be overridden in the buff bar by my personal Clearcasting proc. The fact that it only lasts 4 seconds is more of an annoyance/grief that I felt like airing. I would gladly take an increase in the RPPM to something more substantial, or even have the proc last for an additional second or two, but I likely just have to get used to this ability. It was, after all, my first night raiding with this new gem.

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100 Tauren Druid
Already been fixed on PTR;
Courageous Primal Diamond had its clearcasting effect renamed to “Lucidity” to differentiate it from other spells with that name.
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90 Draenei Monk
I think for the Aura Name section you'll have to enter the spell ID and have 2 separate weak auras using the spell IDs for the 2 different clearcastings. That is a pretty bad design that they use the same name, but their Spell IDs should definitely be different.

edit: spell id for meta: 137323
spell id for druid clearcasting: 16870

Actually wowhead lists several spell ids for the meta, not sure how it works, it might be 1 for each class? Anyway you might have to test them all http://www.wowhead.com/search?q=clearcasting#spells
Edited by Swaggle on 4/12/2013 2:05 PM PDT
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14 Night Elf Druid
Like Swaggle said, input the spell ID for now and it should work fine.
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