Hey There!

Are you a skilled player ? Do you not have a ton of time to play ? Do you really want to finish End Game content in a timely fashion?

Then < BAMF > is the guild your looking for. This guild was recently created on Akama server for players that are highly skilled but have busy real lives. We're looking to find a group of skilled players on Akama that will finish content in a timely fashion, with short raid times and minimal nights during the week. Over the next couple weeks we will be leveling the guild to 25 for Mass Ressurection and remaining benefits, Recruiting our old friends back from other games and transferring skilled players from other Realms. We look to begin raids by May 1st as a new Guild. Please join us in this adventure for returning skilled players!

PST Lavex or Hydrro in game for further information!

Our intent is to start with 10-mans and move to 25 man's once our Core has completed The Heroic series of raids and are ready to begin the true PvE adventure! RBG is our secondary focus and certainly a pass-time for those who play more! Recruiting all classes to find the best of each - Hope to see you in game!

Lavex, 90 Troll Rogue - Akama Server