Karmic Fury (lvl 25) is looking for anyone that wishes to play in a relaxed, fun-loving environment. Our focus is to raid with it's core principle in mind: Gathering with friends, and enjoying our time in game. Killing Bosses and gathering loot is just an added bonus!

We don't take ourselves, or the game, too seriously. Anyone with an interest in raiding, regardless of raiding experience, will find a home with us. So if you're looking to step into organized raiding, or have grown tired of LFR, and the trollfest environment it creates we are the crowd for you.

We are currently in a rebuilding phase due to people leaving the game, stepping back from raiding, (etc.) So our raiding schedule is still very much up in the air while we work to find a schedule that is viable for our members. However, it's our intent to field both, 10 and 25 person raids to appeal to both types of raiders. Though involvement in either or both is not mandatory.

So if anything here has peaked your interest, don't hesitate to approach any of us with any questions you may have or to seek an invitation.