resto lf for some help

i am good with my healing but seems when meters come out I cannot compete with priest or pallys . I wanna get my hps up any, idea or suggestion would be appreciated, not sure if stat priority change would help or if it just my gear? Or should I just switch to priest or pally or druid
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100 Tauren Druid
Warning: I don't know Shaman, at all.

However, here's a couple big screamers ...

#1: Missing Enchants. You're just skipping out on stats by not enchanting. Ditto for your LW bracer "enchant".

#2: You're wearing leather gloves. By not wearing 100% Mail Armor, you lose your "Mail Specialization" bonus, which is a 5% bonus to Intellect.

Some Shaman pros can help you from there.
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90 Pandaren Shaman
A. Are people dying and you feel your lack of heals are to blame?

B. Post some logs to get some better feedback of the problems you are having.

C. Absorbs snipe hots snipe heals. So if you are 3 healing fights that your group doesn't need to
you will not show up like the absorbs.

D. If you care about topping meters or you heal using a rotation to do so, please don't play a healer.
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90 Dwarf Shaman
Depends on whom your healing with, if as suggested your healing with absorb classes then yes your meter position will suffer. By their very nature absorbs will be used up first which posts there healing first and then gets to you second. In all honesty this is not a bad thing there pretty efficient heals absorbs are so group wise if the group stays alive I wouldn't worry about it.

I think shamans have to change there attitude going into T15

Wonderful Raid Saving Cool-downs that nobody else has (yes other classes have raid cooldowns but there not quite like yours)

A powerful mastery that works in benefit to the raid saving cooldowns mentioned above helping to bring raids back from low health or mistakes during progression attempts.

Mana Battery - yes we all would prefer we get our own personal mana cooldown sort of like how priests get a mindbender and hymn of hope. That being said Blizz hasn't done it so get used to the fact part of you being there is to give everyone else mana and be glad it's one of the things keeping you worth having.

Stack Healing - though it happens less in T15 than T14 some fights will be more stacking and that will be your time to shine.

Consider if your raid isn't taking much damage during fights then crit might be a better secondary stat than haste and mastery as mastery is only really helpful when they get to I would says 50-60% or lower. If everyone usually stays above that it's not helping you much consider staying at the 48-52% mastery range which is really easy and going crit otherwise.

If your raid is the opposite, and staying really low try to go for more mastery and haste to be the clutch healer of wonder and bring them back from the brink.

Hope that helped a little.

Meter's are not everything though I like being near the top of them when I can it doesn't always happen.
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I didn't realized the gloves I just got new ones just now , i am middle of road in hps , but when raiding other night people said my hps were low but others heals were pally n disc priest , no one died but people said my stat priority is messed up m i should be healing for lot more than i do , so i am not sure if its my stat prioriy or mechanic problems
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90 Draenei Shaman
If you're 3-healing content (most guilds do this, including mine; it's the "safe" thing if you don't have a super awesome team) with a pally and a priest, those other 2 healers are *absolutely* going to be keeping your hps down unless they are afk or absolutely beyond-redemption-terrible.

re: the missing enchants - think of it this way. If you enchant every piece of your gear, you basically get stats equivalent to an EXTRA piece of gear. Don't ever slack on keeping all of your gear enchanted.

(yes, rofl, I know I'm missing a chant on my bracers - small guild, and the enchanter'll do em up before we start our raid on Sunday).

You'll also notice some benefit once you can get rid of your PvP items. I know PvP gear isn't as much of a no-no in MoP as it was for raiders in Cata, but you are still missing out on some secondary stats you'll gain when you get replacements for those pieces. Be on the lookout for a good MH-OH combo, instead of staff, since you get to use 2 chants with a MH-OH combo instead of just the one chant you can use with a 2h wep.

re: gearing strategies - I see you're forged out of Mastery, and gemming for Crit. Now, while Mastery won't be as useful to you if you constantly 3-heal with a Disc priest and a pally, it's still recommended that you work towards 45 - 55% Mastery before reforging for anything else.

Once you've got your Mastery at the 45%-ish level, go ahead and focus on Crit if you'd like (bigger heals when you get a crit, yes, but also procs AA, and helps on mana regen), but don't neglect Haste once you get your 2-piece T15 bonus (every time your HST ticks, a second target gets a heal worth 25% of the tick). Haste *is* buggy for totems atm, but once you have gear which can give you above 3764 Haste (... I personally waited until I could get 4k Haste) without impacting your Spirit or Mastery, the extra HST & HTT ticks are a big deal.

3764 is the proper breakpoint for HST & HTT, but depending on your latency, you may not always get the extra ticks you should if you sit right *at* the breakpoint. It's recommended to pad totem breakpoints generously to help maximize the consistency with which you get your extra totem ticks, if you're going to aim for a totem breakpoint.

GL and have fun!
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100 Draenei Priest
Those other people must not realize that a well played Disc Priest or Holy Pally will artificially lower your max throughput giving the illusion that you aren't pulling your weight. You can't pull bigger numbers if there is less damage to begin with. If you were instead in a group with a Druid, Monk, or Holy Priest your numbers would be higher.

If you ever beat Pally/disc priest it either means that the pally/disc were playing improperly, the raid was taking more damage than they should allowing you to do more healing, or both.

Oh the flip side if !@#$ hits the fan a shaman has a better chance of saving the raid than a pally or disc priest can.
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