Rogue Wielding

20 Night Elf Rogue
Hey Guys,

I wonder what I should equip on my off-hand and main hand. These are the weapons that I'd like to equip: Sharpened Scarlet Kris Venerable Mass of McGowan...

What is the BEST weapon combination for SUB rogue at level 20?
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100 Troll Priest
As a sub rogue you want two daggers not a dagger and a mace. The Mace is for combat rogues and enhancement shaman
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90 Night Elf Rogue
If you're going for two Heirloom weapons as a subtlety rogue you're going to want two of the Sharpened Scarlet Kris.

If you're going only for one heirloom weapon, then one Sharpened Scarlet Kris and one of the other agility daggers available in-game for your level and account type.
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20 Night Elf Rogue
But I know some sub rogues with two Venerable Mass of McGowan and is pretty O.P., he killed my hunter with ease...
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90 Troll Priest
But I know some sub rogues with two Venerable Mass of McGowan and is pretty O.P., he killed my hunter with ease...

If you read your skills a bunch of them do more damage with daggers equipped. Some you can't even use without a dagger.

However if you want to argue against the advice of the regulars here then I'm not quite sure why you came here for help.

And who's to say that same rogue wouldn't kill your hunter with ease with daggers?

And you already asked this 2 months ago. Why did you make another post? Did you just disregard everything people said in your last post? I'll even quote what Icedragon said in that post that summed it up nicely

If you're Subtlety or Assassination spec: dual wield Wicked Dagger like you were already told. Maces are bad for those two specs.

If you're Combat spec, do whatever you want with the mace. Combat isn't picky about weapons.

In reality, you're at the bottom of a baby bracket on a trial account. Nothing you do between weapons will really make that much of a difference. Don't dwell on it and just play the game.
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20 Night Elf Rogue
Sorry, I wasn't trying to argue... I put it in wrong words. So sorry...
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