Good evening, i used to call Argent dawn home( paladin ALydra), but a guild took me off which did not work out, and i want to come back
! alliance or horde side. I'm a 514 ilvl spriest, with 4/12 n experience, i have researched all fights up to 12/12N i know what to expect and as a class what to do !. I only run raiding professions to squeeze every ounce of DPS out of myself, JC/ENC.

I have been raiding full time 2-3 nights a week since the game has come out, Ive cleared every raid boss up to this expansion when it was progression, just want a raid environment that will compliment my style. What a guild should expect from me 90%+ attendance, 110% performance, Headset, mumble/vent/Skype. Knowledge of my class, and the ability to know other classes to assist other players with anything they need! What i expect from a guild. Players who want to raid show up and progress into content, gear will come! I expect fellow raiders to bring there A game 100% of the time,( if i didn't want this id just do LFR and eventually off myself i think). IF you think i could be a raider Who would bring a benefit to your raid, and have times that will work with my schedule. and are at a minimum of 6/12 TOT id love to talk, I'm willing to server transfer the moment i find a guild!. My ID is plowe#1792 OR my email is you can always add me there.

Thanks again Zalakkore!