PvP Etiquette?

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Maybe I have a skewed impression since he skinned me a couple of times on my way to 90.

Seems I recall his name coming up in guildchat as well.
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Just wondering if there is any.

Do you automatically attack the opposition while questing, or do you leave them alone if they leave you alone?

I was questing through Jade Forest last night, and encountered a couple of Horde. They just carried on with their questing, and I carried on with mine. But then I got to Pang's Stead in VFW and was jumped by a couple of Horde, while I was just gathering a quest.

Was I wrong to just leave the Horde alone in JF? Should I just have attacked them on sight? Any etiquette on this server that I should know about?


I attack on sight.
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If enemy is walking, wait for acknowledgement.
If enemy is roleplaying, wait for acknowledgement.
If enemy emotes disrespectfully, attack.
If enemy is questing, personal choice.
If enemy is in rival guild, attack.
If enemy is known griefer, attack.
If enemy attacks, attack.
If enemy is low level, personal choice.

Never camp, never complain.

Good rules to live by
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I've found that we're all pretty good about non-camping/griefing...

I've had the usual jumped while questing...I personally don't, unless it's happened to me and I'm feeling ornery after...but after I take my lumps and get beat once or twice, or do the beating, the attacker usually moves on and doesn't make a habit of constant death...which for me is how I like it. Honorable combat on a PvP server.

Every now and again there's trouble...the kill the robot PvP quest on Thunder Isle comes to mind...but that's also to be expected. It's PvP and Blizz put it there for us to do our thing...I find if the the Horde is just TOO protective of their pink robot that day, I just go do something else, and come back about an hour or two later and all's well...

Short attention spans, you know.

Yah I don't really adhere to the whole camping thing, I do have a few individuals on there though.
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This is my stand on WPvP:

Typically when im out in the world, im always IC. Sometimes you see me with other people, sometimes you see me talking to NPCs. Sometimes I RP by PvPing. But this is usually only with someone else in on it... I just wont go "death to everything red".

Also I am very quirky. I will NEVER kill someone worth no honor to myself. I may bat you around a little... like fear, or poly, then usually wave at you and /giggle and go on with whatever I was doing.

I dont gank, and I dont camp. I have better things to be doing with my time, than wasting my own, and someone elses.

Also if I dont want to engage in combat I will /bow to them. Of course this doesnt aways work, but mostly people get i dont want to be bothered atm.

But we all have different rules for ourselves when we pvp.
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