PvP Etiquette?

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Maybe I have a skewed impression since he skinned me a couple of times on my way to 90.

Seems I recall his name coming up in guildchat as well.
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Just wondering if there is any.

Do you automatically attack the opposition while questing, or do you leave them alone if they leave you alone?

I was questing through Jade Forest last night, and encountered a couple of Horde. They just carried on with their questing, and I carried on with mine. But then I got to Pang's Stead in VFW and was jumped by a couple of Horde, while I was just gathering a quest.

Was I wrong to just leave the Horde alone in JF? Should I just have attacked them on sight? Any etiquette on this server that I should know about?


I attack on sight.
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90 Dwarf Shaman
If enemy is walking, wait for acknowledgement.
If enemy is roleplaying, wait for acknowledgement.
If enemy emotes disrespectfully, attack.
If enemy is questing, personal choice.
If enemy is in rival guild, attack.
If enemy is known griefer, attack.
If enemy attacks, attack.
If enemy is low level, personal choice.

Never camp, never complain.

Good rules to live by
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90 Dwarf Shaman
I've found that we're all pretty good about non-camping/griefing...

I've had the usual jumped while questing...I personally don't, unless it's happened to me and I'm feeling ornery after...but after I take my lumps and get beat once or twice, or do the beating, the attacker usually moves on and doesn't make a habit of constant death...which for me is how I like it. Honorable combat on a PvP server.

Every now and again there's trouble...the kill the robot PvP quest on Thunder Isle comes to mind...but that's also to be expected. It's PvP and Blizz put it there for us to do our thing...I find if the the Horde is just TOO protective of their pink robot that day, I just go do something else, and come back about an hour or two later and all's well...

Short attention spans, you know.

Yah I don't really adhere to the whole camping thing, I do have a few individuals on there though.
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39 Gnome Monk
This is my stand on WPvP:

Typically when im out in the world, im always IC. Sometimes you see me with other people, sometimes you see me talking to NPCs. Sometimes I RP by PvPing. But this is usually only with someone else in on it... I just wont go "death to everything red".

Also I am very quirky. I will NEVER kill someone worth no honor to myself. I may bat you around a little... like fear, or poly, then usually wave at you and /giggle and go on with whatever I was doing.

I dont gank, and I dont camp. I have better things to be doing with my time, than wasting my own, and someone elses.

Also if I dont want to engage in combat I will /bow to them. Of course this doesnt aways work, but mostly people get i dont want to be bothered atm.

But we all have different rules for ourselves when we pvp.
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100 Blood Elf Priest
When I am on Isle Of Thunder doing PVP quests, and a member of the opposing faction is doing PVP quests in my base, I attack. I don't wait for him to finish his fight. In fact, I will use fear to run him into more mobs if I can. I don't see this as rude. It's a PVP quest. You're warned for EACH of the PVP quests you're going to be flagged.

When I go to the enemy's base, I expect, and have received no quarter. That's the whole point of a PVP quest!

If you don't want to be attacked, choose the PVE quests. If you're flagged, I will attack.
This applies to the Isle of Thunder PVP quests. This is not World of "WAVE"craft. It's World of WARcraft.

In other areas, my only restriction is -5 levels. I won't attack anyone 5 levels or more beneath me. Other than that, if you're flagged, be ready to fight. I will engage you.
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90 Worgen Druid
I would like to say... NECROOOOOO
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90 Orc Shaman
Why does it disturb the dead?
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97 Tauren Shaman
yeah, a very old thread but still a relevant topic.

It is Warcraft yes, the WORLD of Warcraft is how I see though. Others inhabit your world, so still do treat people as you would want to be treated. There is such thing as being a dink and an opportunist rather than an honorable fighter.

I do agree on the PVP quest thing though, any attack on Horde NPC's is a battle situation. If you are not where you are allowed, then expect to be attacked. I am not going to reread this 16 month old thread, but do not think anyone was saying anything to the effect of sitting by while the opposing faction loots your faction's areas, but discussing personal preferences on dealing with running into the other faction while out in the world. I've killed and been killed many times while traveling about. More of the latter though-lol.

We are also an RP/PVP server. Interactions with other players can be more complex and nuanced than on PVP servers. We also dare always flagged in contested zones, unlike a PVE server, as your posting character is from.
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90 Tauren Hunter
My own personal rules are :

If you are within 2 levels of me, you are fair game.

If you are in a world PvP zone or one that it is encouraged such as Wintergrasp, or Isle of Thunder regardless of your level you are fair game.

If you are a low level questing.. you are off limits. To me it's like an army tank vs a 10 year old. Whats the point and that's just cruelty for no reason. The most I may do is wave at you if you see me to remind you some horde are honorable.

If I spot alliance( within 2 levels) in contested Zones questing, or just travelling minding their own business I will /wave or something to acknowledge you, and let you know I see you too. If you attack you are fair game. But if you don't we go on about personal business.
For example we had a level 90 alliance player with his low level buddy on a rocket touring mulgore for the explorer achievement. Several of us saw them set off world defense, but they were just working on the achieve so we let them go on their way.

If you are alliance and you are attacking NPC's in a horde town or outpost, or are harassing our players.. you are dead. I honestly do not care if you are 60 and attacking the outpost with your level 60 friends, you are dead men.

Now if we could get some of our new alliance neighbors to realize how fruitless and ridiculous it is to attack and camp level 30's questing things around here might be better for large scale world clashes in the long run.
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48 Pandaren Hunter
This is good stuff, kids. My thoughts:

Bottom line, we're all trying to have some fun and ignore the real world for a while. If I see an Alliance chump around, and they're the same level as me (give or take a level), I'll try to give em' a good bonk in the spirit of healthy competition.

Things I won't do, and recommend that other player's don't do:

(we've all been camped. It blows. Nuff said.)


Attack a foe who is surrounded by mobs.
(what way is that fair? Your opponent's resources are half drained by their enemies.)


Attack somebody who's on a gathering route. Everybody's gotta eat (gear up)

And on that note, a shout-out to the alliance druid in stalker form that pulled 8 NPCs to me, waited in stealth until 3 were dead, and tried to finish me off while the other 5 were still beating on me. Better luck next time, chump.
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91 Human Monk
Considering that we're now considered one big realm, I figured I'd drop by on this topic. There is definitely a certain amount of personal choice to PvP etiquette.

For me, I've been on Maelstrom for about 4 years now, and I've played both sides, and at least for Maelstrom, found the Horde, with a few exceptions, to be extremely toxic. Both to each other and especially to the Alliance players. There used to be Horde guilds dedicated to the purpose of killing Alliance players for the sake of not allowing them to play, that were extremely active at the beginning of MoP when Maelstrom was 9 Horde for every 1 Alliance. But things have calmed down for the most part.

In that time, I found my etiquette to be that I would rather finish fights than to start them most of the time. I do not like the idea of picking on those weaker than you for the fun of it. I understand if you were on a low level character and someone starts camping you, especially in a group, and you want to put them back in line. If someone is the same level and is out doing their thing, thats fine I'll leave them alone as long as they leave me alone, unless they're in a pvp zone.

That being said, now that we've been merged with Lightninghoof, things are a bit different. Their Horde is far more aggressive than that of Venture Co or Maelstrom combined. They have no common decency and have absolutely no problems with camping and swarming just because they can. All they do is camp the Timeless Isle all day in large groups. They've made it impossible to go there on Alliance, because as soon as they see you, they will kill you until you leave. I can't even send alts there to try and collect gear anymore, because they will be killed endlessly. Lightninghoof Horde has no honor at all.
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90 Dwarf Warrior
08/27/2014 04:14 PMPosted by Syugotenshi
Lightninghoof Horde has no honor at all.

I'd disagree with this. The only horde on Lightninghoof that act this way consistently are the people in World PVP is Back. I've run into plenty of other horde from our server other then those in that guild and they all act pretty fair; assuming you haven't been camping them or their friends and asking to be ganked yourself.

Honestly I went out first day after the merger and found the horde on Maelstrom to be generally more hostile then those on the hoof. Fortunately most are as skilled as the riff-raff on Lightninghoof so maybe I'm just used to it.
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90 Tauren Paladin
"Never camp, never complain." Words to live by I agree ... But if its red and fully grown its dead.
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100 Blood Elf Rogue
04/05/2013 10:36 AMPosted by Xandru
If enemy is walking, wait for acknowledgement.
If enemy is roleplaying, wait for acknowledgement.
If enemy emotes disrespectfully, attack.
If enemy is questing, personal choice.
If enemy is in rival guild, attack.
If enemy is known griefer, attack.
If enemy attacks, attack.
If enemy is low level, personal choice.

Never camp, never complain.

I agree with all these except about the low lvl. If I'm going to challenge/attack some on its going to be on a fair basis. Not just about to pick on someone who will die in a hit. 2-3 lvl difference, yes I'll attack
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100 Undead Rogue
Oh man I remember the times of Recruiter and the lovely Guild battles we would have at the Elemental Plateau...

I think the age old rule applies as usual... which has been mentioned several times

"If it's Red it's Dead"

With that said it is always going to be a personal choice at the end of the Day... Just remember if your a Camper/Griefer and things end up flipping to not your favor... Well then it is what it is. I think we are just all here for fun and knew what we got ourselves into once we joined the "PVP" based server.

With that said Happy Hunting...
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