Well I've collected twenty-nine pieces of Val'anyr so far. So next Friday at 5:00 PM Server time (8:00 PM EST where I live) I'll be hosting another Glory to the Ulduar Raider 25 man for the last fragment & completion (hopefully) of my mace.

I'll be healing it again. I'd like to take 20 people in so we can face roll Orbituary (to more or less extent) as well as 0 Keepers (should no fragments drop prior to Yogg-Saron). I'll only need one tank, one other healer would be nice and of course lots of DPS. You only need to be level 80 to enter Ulduar.

The only item on reserve is the first Fragment of Val'anyr that drops. All others are going to be open rolling. All tier pieces are going to be open rolling. Should none drop before going against Yogg-Saron, his piece is reserve BUT it will be done on Alone in the Dark Achievement PLUS SHOULD Mimiron's Head drop, that too will be open for rolling. Alagalon the Raid Destroyer will also be taken down too.

If you have any questions, please ask me either here or send me a message in game.