Casual/Family guild welcoming more

90 Troll Priest
Arcas Legion is opening its doors to new players. Any and all are welcome.

About Us:
Arcas Legion is community.

We are a community born from close-knit friendships. We are made up of adults from many walks of life. We all have busy lives outside of the games we play, but we value the relationships within the gaming community we have built. We persist through hard times and we always love the familiar green text of our guild chat.

We are skilled players. We know or we learn. We love to pursue content together, whether it is the latest LFR tier or running ICC for achievements. We live to help each other. Having fun is why we play and helping other have fun can be very rewarding.

We are not selfish people. We are passionate about our game and community. Some of us are more casual than others, but we mostly play a lot. We favour the term "casual" over "hardcore" even though our playtimes can be excessive.

We do not give up because we aren't the top guild. We are the top guild, that is why we are still here.

If you crave a community, we are here. If you crave fun and lasting relationships, look no further. If you seek an enjoyment of the game beyond your iLvl, come join us.

What you can expect from Arcas Legion:

- Level 25 guild with all the perks (except Tarecgosa)
- Adult social environment - the language is relatively family friendly, but we tend to favour adult members.
- Solid core of knowledgable players - many of us have raided in the past and tend to know our classes fairly well.
- Drama-light environment - seriously, no one is drama-free, but we keep it to a minimum
- Socialable guildies - we actually chat to our guildies, many of us have met or have become friends in real life
- No schedules because we are not fielding a raid team
- A guild that will not disappear, transfer, or otherwise fold. We have been around for over a decade across 3+ games.

How to Join

You can contact me in game on Jume or Kalimura (Battletag: Direpath#1852).

Alternatively, you can visit our website at and fill out an application form

We would love to provide a home for any other casuals looking to just enjoy what this game has to offer. We will welcome alts. We will even welcome players who just want to use our perks to level toons (you might be surprised how much you miss the atmosphere when you leave).
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90 Troll Priest
If you are looking for a place to play where people are social and actually will do stuff together, come give us a try. If you want some nice guild perks while you level your raider, come on over too. We would love to welcome some more folks to the family.
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Yes, we have all felt the pull of Doomhammer calling us back to the Horde!

We have a lot of very skilled friendly people involved with Arcas Legion. Anyone could do a lot worse than joining our stable and friendly playing environment.

Day 1 guild with Vanilla Beta players??

We been here so long even Zul'jin knows our reps!
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Updated OP.
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I'm looking to transfer servers. I'm a casual adult gamer who's also finishing up my degree. Needless to say I'm pretty casual at the moment. Any room for someone like myself?
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100 Worgen Warrior
When I end up making a horde alt in the near future, I'll have to look you all up :o
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90 Troll Priest
We look forward to seeing you.
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90 Troll Priest
Back from a brief vacation on the forums. Still looking to welcome more to join our ranks. Several of our core members have returned to WoW. Seeing more players on. Still small, but we get enough to do some fun old school stuff.
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90 Human Death Knight
I would like to join you guys at some point I am looking for a new permanent home of people ot play with.
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