The Ashgrip Resolve

Lok’tar Ogar - Victory or Death.

These are the words we live by within the Horde. Whether by conquest on the field of strife, or by the sacrifice of our own lives in defense of our homes and Clans the only path to an honored place among our ancestors is through the smoke, and the blood, and the thunder of battle. This is how we have lived for generations and it is the way of our ancestors.

In the past, on the fertile fields of Draenor we fought one another. The Clans quarreled and bled over grazing lands and hunting rights, over daughters given and sons lost - until Ner’zhul united us all under the banner of the Horde. Where we had once been weak and separated by petty conflicts together we found that we were made strong. We routed our enemies and took possession of the whole of our land. That is the lesson of the Horde, and the function of the Warchief. Under his banner we multiply our strength and gain victory over those who would oppose our growth and prosperity.

Each Clan knows that its greatness is founded upon three pillars: upon the strength of its warriors, the wisdom of its elders, and the hearts of its leaders. If our leaders should falter, if their hearts should fail, then we are all weakened and the foundation of our shared strength is placed in danger. When the leader grows too frail, when his heart is too weak to do what is necessary and what is right, when his leadership is in doubt then all know what must come next. He will be challenged, and the trial of combat will determine the outcome for the good of the Clan. This is how it has always been among us. Only bloodshed can resolve the turmoil within the Clan when a leader’s heart is called into question.

As it is with the Clan, so has it been within the Horde. As our armies marched across the southern kingdoms of Azeroth Blackhand’s weakness was exposed when his puppet master Gul’dan the betrayer was incapacitated. The depths of his treachery and craven heart were laid bare when Garona revealed the wickedness of the Shadow Council and how we had all been sold as slaves to the demons by Blackhand and the council. Because the clans could not stand if the heart of their leader was weak it was necessary that Blackhand be removed and the Doomhammer saw to the task himself.

Freed from the enslaving control of the Shadow Council our next two Warchiefs strengthened the Horde through victory on the battlefield and cunning diplomacy. New allies were added as opportunity and common interest allowed and together we found the strength of our Horde at an apex that it had not known since the end of the First War. Victorious in Northrend, victorious on the elemental plane, we have pressed our advantage on every shore. Our warrior’s strength has been tested, and our elders’ wisdom proven at every turn.

This past year however has revealed weakness within the Horde once more. A weakness which must be rooted out and destroyed. The ‘Heart of Garadar’ is clouded in darkness and fear.

Garrosh Hellscream’s heart is weak and for the good of the Horde he must be replaced before all that we have fought and died for is lost; before the Alliance can take advantage of his weakness and threaten our security; before the Horde is torn apart by his flailing foolishness. The son of Hellscream must die so that the Horde can survive.

It is fear that causes him to alienate the allies which add to our strength.

It is cowardice that causes him to turn to the Blackrock Clan which served as Nefarian’s minions.

It is the terror of his enemies that has overcome him and caused him to seek the power of the Sha.

And it is treachery most dark and foul living in his craven heart that makes secret pact once more with the slaves of the Burning Legion.

From this day forward the Thundering Hammer Clan turns it’s back on Orgrimmar and our own homes in Azshara and Durotar until the day when all can be reclaimed from the traitor Kor’kron and their Blackrock kin. We go to stand with our faithful Darkspear allies and the elder shaman Go’el and we call on all noble hearts of the Horde to join us.

Let the right of our cause be proven by combat, as it has always been among our people - and let it be done quickly before the foul stench of Alliance boots can taint the canyon paths of our beloved home. Let Durotar be cleansed of the corrupt influence of Blackrock Mountain and the will of the Twilight cultists.

For our Ancestors,

Thorgrun Ashgrip, Chieftain of the Thundering Hammer Clan
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100 Tauren Druid
You have no idea how relieved I am to see you proclaim this, Thorgrun. Surprised, but relieved.
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Do not mistake my resolve for agreement with your pacifist dreams, druid. We WILL crush the Alliance and drive them from Kalimdor, but we will not suffer a weak-hearted fool to divide us and drive us back into slavery in the hour of our greatest need.
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95 Orc Shaman
One wolf howls, another answers.
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100 Orc Warrior
The three Kor'kron who stopped me on my return to the city questioned my loyaty brother. The one that remained said only this before I sent him to his comrades, "Hellscream's Eyes are upon you."
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Obeah Chakari. Our Struggle.

For Vol'jin!
For the Horde!
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100 Undead Mage
I stand with you and your clan, Thorgrun Ashgrip.

We must not hesitate. The Kor'kron have made it clear that they will not.

If you require my aid, you know how to find me.
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