Mac-User WTB Premade PC. Ideas?

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Been thinking about buying a desktop to play on instead of my early 2011 MacBook Pro.

My budget is up to about 2200.

Just looking to buy a PC without having to build it and being guaranteed it will work out of the box. Also would like decent FPS (around 60 or higher) for 25mans on graphics high-ultra. I realize I may be asking a little much, but does anyone have any suggestions?
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Only decent prebuilt mac is the Imac 27inch all in 1. But they run 2600 dollars and won't perform well b/c of the super high resolution. They don't let you customize macs anymore much and the only mac with decent power still uses a laptop graphics card.
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IF you get the very highest end iMac (27", 680MX), you'll have a decent gaming rig...for a Mac.

The 680MX is supposedly a full die Kepler GPU and roughly equivalent to a 580GTX in performance. That's enough for 2560x1440, though it lacks some of the memory bandwidth of the Fermi card. I run a 580GTX at slightly higher resolution than that (mostly ultra, some high) and generally see 40-50fps across most of my WoW gaming.

You'll be looking at $2000+, of course, but that's Macs for you.

Another alternative is a Falcon Northwest box. You can hit their website ( and poke at their configutor to see what's what and what it'll cost (lots). They're a good crew to deal with. Just bring money.

Nothing you buy or build will run a solid 60fps on ultra in all conditions. An i7/Titan might come close, but you'll looking at a $3k rig over the (virtual) counter.
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I just made the switch back from OSX to Windows and built my own rig. You should do so some research and consider building your own. It's very simple.

Pre-built - you have ibuypower, cyberpc, and doghouse, etc. You'll pay a bit more than building on your own...
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