How much spirit are people stacking?


90 Pandaren Priest
Hey just curious since I've got a priest myself and have seen this done so many different ways, but is crit not the best stat for discs, especially when going for throughput? I see you going for mastery, is it because you 2heal?

Crit is good. Crit and Mastery are good. Haste is good. Haste and Mastery are good. Crit and Haste are good. Depends on your playstyle and your role in the raid.

Personally, I care more about my tanks' health than I do about topping meters, and thus am currently stacking Mastery with a side of Haste for 1 extra SS cast. The other D Priest in my raid, who far outgears me, is stacking Crit and Mastery, and we're generally within 2-3k of each other. :)

@Ama: I actually have several trinkets that I swap between, especially if going Holy. I haven't gotten the trinket from Horridon or the Chalice yet, so I'm sticking with this one for the time being. Actually swapped to the normal Seal for our first Council kill.
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90 Human Priest
I tend to reforge / regem a lot, so that you see on armory is mostly just an indication of the last progression fight completed. The way my gear is currently is left over from heroic Megaera, where I PW:S'd every single person who got the flame debuff so they could run out faster and have less chance to be randomly gibbed by add casts (in addition to normal PW:S tank use). Mastery is significantly better than crit for PW:S.

There's an optimal balance between mastery and crit that gives you the most total output, in general it's reforging mostly into crit. However the people who calculated this point did not include the effects of inner focus or PW:S casts in your rotation, which brings them close to equal - it ends up depending on how often you cast PW:S. In the case of Megaera, the answer to this was... all the &*@#ing time. The main benefit of additional crit is actually damage, not healing (although if you're making sparse us of PW:S / inner focus, or doing a fight with a pulsing aura (guaranteeing full aegis use) crit does pull ahead for healing as well).

If we are 3 healing a fight that doesn't require 3 full-time healers (or doing a fight where I don't have to make much use of PW:S / fight is short / fight is easy healing followed by big burn phase, etc), I drop spirit and reforge crit since 90% of what I'm doing is spamming damage.

I wrote a pretty huge post about my thoughts on spirit vs int near the end of the giant "spirit vs int" thread.
90 Pandaren Priest
My point was that given how small the margin is, it's a little ridiculous to mock someone for having too much spirit when their effective spirit is maybe 1k more than yours. Yes, there are additional things going on in the thread, but hey, one argument at a time.

I actually drop some Spirit when I go Holy. Can't really justify it given the tiny gains you get from flask/food/even the trinket in terms of regen.

I really want your trinket, though. So far it's been gold, gold, and a ring for me from that boss. Think he's trolling me.
100 Blood Elf Priest
Hey just curious since I've got a priest myself and have seen this done so many different ways, but is crit not the best stat for discs, especially when going for throughput? I see you going for mastery, is it because you 2heal?

Haste is technically best for throughput. Mastery and crit go hand in hand. Every point of crit you have makes mastery more valuable. I gear mastery and crit because I heal with a paladin and getting stronger heals is more important than faster heals most of the time. So, no. Crit is not the best throughput stat for disc.

Although, really, your gear strat makes very little difference in output for disc these days. Maybe a 2k hps difference, if you're playing correctly. I've tried out 3 different strats and barely noticed a difference.
90 Pandaren Shaman
I run with 11k Spirit as a resto shaman, i don't have mana issues and my other healers dont need mana tide. so i just like the throughput. and i do every boss on heroic, only boss i have mana problems on is megaera.
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100 Human Priest
11k did me well last tier. 13k did me well for normal modes. 15k and I'm running oom in heroic modes.

I also want 17k by the end of the tier. I'll subtract the horridon trinket from this number whenever it drops.

Also, I'll probably drop back down to 12k and stack nothing but mastery for some fights instead of my current haste rating. We're not rushing to get to those, so that could be a long way off.

Also as Husky would say, don't be a butt-hurt beverly.
100 Draenei Priest
13k with Qin-Xi's Polarising Seal + Darkglow. Usually int flask + food.

I'll drop some spirit sometimes if I go Disc, depending on the fight. For Holy, I might start to dream of dropping some spirit once I hit 50k or so...
90 Pandaren Priest
Disc... usually feel comfortable at 10-11k.
90 Night Elf Druid
I've two healed all of normal ToT. I have around 12.6k and I find it about right. I'd love to have more but some encounters I find that I am floating capped mana. Perhaps this is because of my hotw + innervate timings going from oom to full in 45seconds.
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