If you could change

25 Blood Elf Paladin
The Forsaken wouldn't exist. Like, at all. High Elves would join the Alliance and Night Elves would go Horde, both factions would have a continent to themselves.
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90 Night Elf Priest
Hmmm...If I could change one thing it would probably be the fact we don't have demon hunters yet. I would think Wrathion would be on getting some info on demon hunters as he has the Blacktalon that could train to be demon hunters. I say Wrathion because he doesn't seem to care what means it would take to stop the legion and has the people needed should he get his hands on info about demon hunters. Wrathion seems the logical pick for it unless we get Alturis from Nagrand to come do it.

Somehow I will make this work, somehow I want my demon hunters already.
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100 Blood Elf Paladin
Lordaeron is retaken

And rebuilt into New Stormwind. All Lordaeron banners are tossed out for Stormwind ones.

A statue of Varian is built in the Courtyard.
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90 Human Paladin
Deathwing not getting completely merc'd/purifying a portion of him that would become "Dragon-Batman" against the Old Gods for revenge. Plus seeing him interact with Wrathion would be cool. And an ally who had once been an Old God's thrall would be a great ally (knowing where they are, where their forces are, etc.)
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58 Undead Death Knight
Factions being so rigid, which is really a game mechanic reason, but it's messed with so many lore things.
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100 Blood Elf Death Knight
Varimathras being still at Sylvanas Side.
Kael'thas alive maybe leading the blood elves or a neutral faction.
Gilneas razed to the ground by the forsakens.
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1 Dwarf Warrior
I would trade Vol'jin for Zul'jin any day.
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100 Undead Death Knight
04/19/2013 11:34 PMPosted by Kynrind
I would have redone how death knights were introduced into wow by using their established lore from WC3 (fallen paladins as opposed to just anything that can be reanimated).

That would limit death knights to just humans, dwarves, Draenei and Blood elves then.

Should have added that "undead" death knights were simply humans who have lost more flesh than their more intact counterparts (either due to rot or battle damage), not Forsaken who were recaptured by the Lich King. Even so, the very nature of their existence is necromantic so it still makes sense.

I would exclude Draenei due to their lack of participation in the 3rd war (The only ones were Broken I believe and they had almost nothing to do with the Scourge). Also, they would be less tolerant of those who willingly turned their back on the Light than the other races. They would probably treat a Draenei death knight in the same way that they would treat a warlock.

So basically, humans, undead, Blood Elves, and dwarves but that's just me.
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90 Human Paladin
For now? I'd take out the High King stuff.

Put Varian into the position of Supreme Allied Commander instead (with much the same story build-up), and make more references to the legacy of Lothar and how the young King holds up to it. He can be the Alliance leader without being the Alliance sovereign.

I think that sends a better message, a better story.

I suppose there's a few things I'd do differently about Cataclysm, but I won't dwell on it.
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90 Night Elf Death Knight
I can go more then one, so I shall:

Remove the worgen as a playable race. They don't add anything new or exciting to their faction, the Alliance already has a tree hugging faction- we call them night elves. And Blizzard seems to agree since the worgen haven't been any kind of major players in the Alliance and act more like a neutral race, when they actually deign to show up in anything related to the Alliance.

Remove the draenei as a playable race. They do more for the Earthern Ring and the Argent Crusade as well as the Blood elves then the Alliance and even the Alliance leadership thought they left after the the restoration of the Sunwell. They work better as a neutral race since their whole purpose in being is to get all of the factions together as one to fight the BL. Which is the exact same purpose as every other neutral race in game- get both sides to work together.

Completely rewrite the Deathwing from Cataclysm. That wasn't DW, that was just a angry black dragon. So to make it easier, we find out that it wasn't DW and just a "clone" "pawn" and the real DW is still working behind the scenes.

Make Garrosh not the mustache twirling villian that he has become. It's just plain stupid and a horrible end for a very compelling character that has been build up both in and out of the game.

Remove the faction war. It's stupid and there is no winners or sense of satisfaction from this. The Horde will not be destroyed, the Alliance will not regain anything lost. The simmering cold war was more interesting.

Rename High King to Supreme Alliance Commander and give it to someone who isn't a faction leader.

Remove Malfurion as co-leader of the night elves. Sorry Mal, but you can't be putting the interests of the CC over your own people and you can't wear two hats (Alliance/nuetral) because they will conflict. Go back to being just the leader of the CC.

Staghelm and Meiv are brought back to bring some tension to the night elves. Just because you think different then Mal doesn't automatically make you evil.
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Remove Thrall. He's gone. He doesn't exist.
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90 Orc Warlock
okay, I'll take more than one also

Deathwing was mentioned above more than once. I'd have him be a bad guy, sure, but not a complete raving nutjob. I'd have the scheming, civilized, Bond-villain Deathwing back.

Not lore per se, but I wish the game world was twice as big. Hopefully if "WoW 2" ever happens the game world will be at least five times as big. As long as quest hubs are well designed and we have easy means of fast transport, large size is not a hindrance.

I was thinking today, while killing Arthas, wouldn't it be cool if we could willingly join him and kill Tirion? The exact scenario couldn't be cannon but I think it would be more interesting to have multiple factions. I'm of the opinion that Arthas was killed off too early. Going along wiht that, I'd like a less rigid Alliance vs Horde divide, so you could move freely about the world except for the factions you have pissed off.
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Tough call between Med'an and removing his existance or fixing Kael'thas's lore.
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100 Gnome Warrior
That Garrosh Hellscream had never existed and that instead Vor'jin had become Warchief in Cata and then given the position back to Thrall in Mists immediately.
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100 Undead Death Knight
I know I already posted something but I just can't help myself. :P

I would have had the Night Elves join the Horde and the Forsaken join the Alliance. That way, the Horde could have gotten their pretty race and the Alliance could have gotten their dark race early on.

During BC, Ogres (led by Rexxar) join the Horde and Blood Elves rejoin the Alliance.

I would also have added the Scourge as a third, playable faction.
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100 Draenei Monk
No factions. Or significantly reduced importance of the factions leaving them with just their original races(human/dwarf/gnome and orc/troll/tauren). Everyone else would be free.


Varian died in the arena pit.
Edited by Lena on 4/20/2013 3:58 PM PDT
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10 Worgen Druid
Kael'thas dieing he was a great character and could made an excellent horde leader. In Burning crusade the blood elves were portrayed as these bad guys that needed redemption when I felt more like the blood elves were in need of retribution. He would of also worked really well with this expansion because I could see him dealing with Garrosh as if he was the same thing as Garithos. Going to all lengths to make sure his people were not betrayed again.
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100 Human Monk
Worgen NPCs would always use human form when outside of combat.

But when it's time to rock...
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70 Undead Mage
That bomb they set off in Gnomergan?

No survivors.
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100 Blood Elf Death Knight
Expected to see people attacking opposite faction instead of suggesting fixes and new content that would benefit all. Was not disappointed.
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