Holy Pally Heal Percentages

90 Draenei Paladin
Hey guys, just wondering what are some good percentages for expected healing from different spells.

I am currently running the Spr > Int > Mastery > Haste = Crit Build with Holy Prism and Eternal Flame (Just to keep the IH buff up on peeps). 501 Ilvl.

I find that recount and skada both show Illuminated Healing doing around 40% of my heals, beacon around 20% and eternal flame / holy prism around 10-15% combined during 5man heroics.

I figured that illuminated healing is 'free', as it costs no mana to actually have that buff up, beacon is also 'free', and holy prism uses what 10k mana per min?

In 10mans, I find that IH drops to around 35%, beacon depending on fight raises to roughly 25%, eternal flame at roughly 15% and the rest is almost even with holy light, holy prism, divine light etc.

Wondering if any other holy pallies can show me some love and post up some percentages. I really want to get mana efficiency as best I can.
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100 Human Paladin
Yeah, prior to my T14 4PC it was similar to yours with the top 4 being:
1. Illuminated Healing (35%)
2. Beacon of Light (19%)
3. Eternal Flame (17%)
4. Holy Shock (8%)

With my T14 4PC it changed slightly. I knew that HS usage would increase but I didn't expect Beacon to drop like it did:
1. Illuminated Healing (35%)
2. Eternal Flame (24%)
3. Holy Shock (14%)
4. Beacon of Light (13%)

Edit 1: Obviously these numbers are just ballpark; I don't have any recent parses avaliable to check at the moment. I'll re-edit after tonight with real percentages.

Edit 2:
Jin'rokh the Breaker 10m Normal
1. Illuminated Healing (36.8%)
2. Eternal Flame (15.3%)
3. Holy Shock (11.3%)
4. Arcing Light (9.1%)
5. Beacon of Light (8.7%)

Protectors of the Endless 10m Normal
1. Illuminated Healing (27.4%)
2. Eternal Flame (19.4%)
3. Beacon of Light (15.3%)
4. Holy Shock (13.8%)
5. Arcing Light (6.5%)

Tsulong 10m Normal
1. Eternal Flame (25.0%)
2. Illuminated Healing (20.4%)
3. Beacon of Light (17.1%)
4. Holy Shock (13.1%)
5. Divine Light (9.6%)

Lei Shi 10m Normal
1. Illuminated Healing (28.4%)
2. Eternal Flame (17.9%)
3. Beacon of Light (13.7%)
4. Holy Shock (13.0%)
5. Arcing Light (9.3%)

Sha of Fear 10m Normal
1. Illuminated Healing (31.0%)
2. Eternal Flame (22.4%)
3. Holy Shock (15.9%)
4. Beacon of Light (14.6%)
5. Holy Light (2.9%)
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90 Blood Elf Paladin
Hi Healtuff!!! ;)
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100 Draenei Paladin
your effective heal percentages will change depending on the number of healers and the content you are doing.

Here are mine from this last week

Farm Fights
ToES (2 healed with a disc priest)
Elite Protectors...60.3k HPS...cruised on the fight
1 Illuminated Healing 27.7%
2 Beacon Of Light 16.4%
3 Eternal Flame 15.3%
4 Holy Shock 13.4%

Tsulong...102.7k HPS...got pretty hairy at times
1 Eternal Flame 22.8%
2 Illuminated Healing 17.7%
3 Beacon of Light 12.9%
4 Divine Light 11.8%
5 Holy Shock 11.5%

Lei Shi...56.5k HPS...cruised
1 Illuminated Healing 26.6%
2 Holy Shock 15.2%
3 Eternal Flame 15.0%
4 Beacon of Light 12.2%
5 Arcing Light 8.6%...Get away

Sha of Fear...45.5k hps...cruised
1 Illuminated Healing 23.5%
2 Beacon of light 20.1%
3 Eternal Flame 16.3%
4 Holy Shock 14.3%
5 Flash of Light 9.1%....lots of mana regen on this fight

Current tier progression

Jin'Rokh...98.0k hps...2 healed with the above disc priest...went pretty smooth
1 Illuminated Healing 31.8%
2 Light of Dawn 21.8%
3 Holy Radiance 9.8%
4 Beacon of Light 7.2%
5 Holy Shock 9.6%

Horridon...34.4k hps...3 healed, added a mistweaver...very easy dmg wise with just a few spikes
1 Illuminated Healing 37.7%
2 Beacon of light 13.7%
3 Holy Shock 12.7%
4 Eternal Flame 10.6%
5 Light of Dawn 5.3%

IMO IH will do more of the total healing as the content is easier to heal...swapping beacon around will increase its effective healing over leaving it on one target....EF will be higher on fights with steady dmg, LoD with more burst healing needed.
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90 Draenei Paladin
Heroic Jin'rokh:
IH: 40.1%
Beacon: 13.2%
EF: 13.1%
HS: 11.2%


EF: 17.8%
HS: 15.9%
Beacon: 13.6%

Beacon: 15.1%
HS: 13.9%


HS: 13%
Beacon: 10.6%

IH: 32.2%
Beacon: 12.9%
Arcing Light: 12.7%
LoD: 12.6%

EF; 20.1%
HS: 13.7%
Beacon: 13.3%

IH: 39.8%
EF: 18.6%
HS: 13.3%
Beacon: 10.9%

IH: 35.3%
EF: 17.1%
Beacon: 15.2%
HS: 11.3%

Dark Animus:
IH: 38.5%
EF: 17.1%
Beacon: 15%
HS: 12.6%

Iron Qon:
IH: 34.2%
EF: 14.7%
Beacon: 14%
HS: 11.8%

Twin Consorts:
IH: 30.9%
EF: 21.3%
Beacon: 15%
HS: 13.8%

Lei Shen:
IH: 33.8%
EF: 14.7%
Beacon: 12.4%
HS: 12.3%
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90 Worgen Warrior
On what fights should Light of Dawn be a higher percentage than Eternal Flame? Is Light of Dawn more likely to be above Eternal Flame in 25man than 10 because you get Eternal Flame on a lower percentage of the raid in 25man? Or maybe it depends more on whether the damage is bursty or stable than whether it's 10 or 25man.

I'm asking so I can sorta evaluate a Holy Paladin in my guild, whose Light of Dawn is pretty much always above Eternal Flame, on 25man and 10. That seems bad, from what I've been seeing.

His Illuminated Healing also seems to be significantly lower, adding up to 26-28% most raid nights, including trash. What would cause that? He has 6300 Mastery, which doesn't seem bad.
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90 Blood Elf Paladin
Give us a WoL so we can see what spells he uses.
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90 Worgen Warrior
Whoops, here's one from Tuesday reclears:


Lightaid is the Paladin I'm curious about, but Achadia's healing percentages look similar anyway.

Any comments on the other healing classes would be cool too. I'm pretty sure a Resto Shaman (given the complaints here) shouldn't be that high...
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100 Draenei Paladin
Jin'rokh...AW/DF/Holy Avenger/Goak not used...3 min fight time for all of them once
Horridon...AW/DF/Holy Avenger/GoAK not used...9min fight
Council...AW/DF used once each....7 min fight

if you feel they are missing a bit of throughput that might be a bit of it...what issues are you having with them

Yes I saw they are specced into divine purpose...Jin'Rokh especially is Ideal for Holy Avenger...I 2 heal it with a disc priest on 10m...1st lightning storm I drop hammer, pop holy avenger, Divine favor and avenging wrath....HR,LOD,HS,LOD for 18 sec (350-360k hps figure it would be even higher in 25m content)...2nd lightning storm he blows his cds and I counter with hammer again and GoAk (not the best) but at least its used...3rd light'storm if we get there my cds are up again
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90 Worgen Warrior
Thanks for the input. I don't have a particular problem, I'm just curious how well they're doing. I've heard how good Holy Paladins are so it's weird to me that they don't have higher HPS.

It's easy enough to judge how DPSers are doing, but since healing well isn't just about HPS, I thought I'd ask people who know what to look for.
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100 Human Paladin
Hi Healtuff!!! ;)

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100 Draenei Paladin
healing cant be determined by HPS logs only....are folks dieing due to lack of healing...is a single healer falling way behind the others. Are they using mitigation or throughput CDS when needed. This is what you look for...not their HPS compared to some theoretical OP'ness.

I don't see any major issues with your pallies...could they tweak a few things and improve output....likely, but might not be needed. If you just want higher HPS numbers....drop a healer, and replace with a dps.
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90 Worgen Warrior
Ah, that makes sense. With less healers there's more to heal, and given the way they heal raid damage (reactively with Light of Dawn instead of proactively by blanketing EF shields), it gives the absorbless healers a chance to heal, while giving the paladins less HPS and less % healed from their Mastery.
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100 Draenei Paladin
have them both spec into holy avenger and use the above cd useage for the lightning storms...1 goes on 1-3 the other on 2-4...they both should see a huge increase in hps...
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90 Blood Elf Paladin
The more over heals you have, the more IH will be. If your mastery is 32 (40 buffed), it will sit at 28%~ base. More overheals makes it go up, more beacon transfers makes it go down.

HS % is going to be based on C/D of 4/6 secs respectively. The more you get in, the higher he %, but 9+ min out of 25~ spells (most have 2 sec cast times plus globals). Figure 25% of what you didn't do via IH (so if you do 40% IH, it will be 15%).

From there, it's a case of which spells YOU use the most. HS/Daybreak are the same spell (casting wise). EF/WoG are also the same spell (casting wise). I point this out, only because meters are going to break them up, but you are performing a single action to do them.
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