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I've never been a big PvP fan, though I would do it in my spare time. I've never liked the hardcore PvPers who focus on the "You guys suck at this" comments the entire game. Recently I discovered blizz gave large groups of these pests to "Deem Idle" making you have to run around and find a guy to hit. And let's say you entered a premade and aren't doing what the 15 guys who joined it want you to do by caping things etc (doing what to do to play the game) Blizz has given these guys power to kick you from a game... Come on bliz, PvP was always a sketchy area for some people, but now it's near forbidden.
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sounds to me like you got grouped with some alliance
that was actually working the bg with strategy, sharing
the strat, and you refused to be a part. the kick was good.

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There are precious few times in BGs where you can go a couple of minutes without hitting anything and still be helpful.

And, typically, all of those are so known and obvious that a simple: /raid Hi, guys. I'm defending LM. Will call incs." will tide you over the entire time, especially in a good group.

And, let me just be clear. The only reason you would step into a BG is to gear for MORE PvP or because you just enjoy fighting other players. It also happens to be a team game, so I expect a reasonable amount of teamwork from everyone without really caring about whether you're hardcore or not.

If I'm playing a game of basketball at a local park and you ask to join, that's probably going to be fine. But if I pass you the ball and you start trying to play freaking soccer with it and blathering on about, "Blah blah, it's just a game. Try hard. I do what I want with my time." then I'm going to call you a bloody idiot and never let you do anything with me again ever.

Blizzard has made it impossible for me to avoid these people. So I'm going to kick you if I can and belittle you in BG chat. Because you're wasting my time, the time of 13 other people and being a very rude person in general.

Maybe I'm not any better than you for being rude. But, in the words of the immature everywhere, you DID start it.
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04/05/2013 10:08 PMPosted by Hargath
I've never liked the hardcore PvPers who focus on the "You guys suck at this" comments the entire game.

Not just "hardcore pvpers" are guilty of this. Anyone with half a brain can tell if someone sucks.
1v1, I'm not the best, so in no way do I mean skill...but when you join a "team" working as a "team", whether it be objectives..or maybe they don't want you capping bases because they are working towards an achieve. I.E.: Resilient Victory in AB.

Blizz has given these guys power to kick you from a game

Some people do over-abuse it, I'll admit, but for the most part it works great for bots/afks. I must say, it's about time they give the pvpers some definite control over them, the few times it does work and you can get people to report :)
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