Short and sweet, I'm an iLevel 506 DK DPS looking for a guild attempting Throne of Thunder. This seems like I'm grasping at straws, but I have to justify me paying for this game time, and so far I can't. I'm find joining a raiding guild that is CLOSE to Throne of Thunder, but my definition of "CLOSE" is "about one HoF/ToS run away from ToT" and has members actively trying to get gear in LFR. I've got a month of game time left and, not to sound mean, but I don't want to join a guild struggling to get through HoF or is only on MV, because I just don't have time (literally) for projects. Shoot me an in-game mail, respond to this, or message me if I'm online. Chances are pretty good that I'm the piece you need to get further (and, looking at the fact that on, my gear seems to be second only to almost every member of Forge, that's not hyperbole).