25 Man GDKP Runs

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The Empire (Horde) is currently hosting 25 man GDKP runs on Saturday nights from 7pm to 11pm Server Time. GDKP Runs are gold runs, where everything that drops is up for auction, and all gold collected is split between the 25 people who are still in the group at the end of the raid. If a player drops out mid raid they forfeit their share of the loot, and the person who takes their place adopts that players share of the gold pool.

The Empire has run GDKP runs on all realms that we have resided, as we find that it is good entertainment and a great way to quickly gear up alts for current content, and to get some gold. We ran our first run Last Saturday (13/04/13), starting in MSV then ToEs, we collected 78k gold, which was split amonst the raid at the end. We one shot all Bosses bar Spirit Kings, and those wipes only happened because people were standing too close to boss and pulled whilst people were eating. We try and supply Guild Tanks and Healers, with enough carriers to ensure success, thereby leaving around 10-15 spots for people who want gear or gold.

Having started in MSV to test the waters on the first week, we have decided to start from ToEs and then hit HoF, as they have the strongest upgrade options, thereby providing the greatest opportunity for higher auctions. All items not sold with be disenchanted and those mats will be bulk auctioned at the end of the night. No credit is given, you must have the gold on the toon you are on in order to win an auction.

Whilst Cross Realm raids are possible, players from other realms cannot pass gold. Therefore, the only method of passing their cut of the gold is if they have characters on Horde Jubei'Thos that it can be posted to. For Cross Realm players seeking loot, the only method to bid is if they have a horde character friend/agent (I don't mind operating as an agent), that has their gold in the raid and can pay upfront for items that are bid on.

The success of these runs revolves around honesty and fairness, and as the GM of The Empire, I will remain the sole authority on these runs as I am the host. From time to time I may get one of my officers to run the GDKP runs, but I have full faith and confidence in my officers.

Anybody interested can contact MobileBear on Jubei'Thos to obtain my Battle Tag.
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Bump, and hope to step into TOT soon lol.
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