The Rebirth of Eitrigg

90 Blood Elf Rogue
Three Basic Ideas to Save Our Server:
1. Strengthen our Guilds.
2. Improve our Economy
3. Promote our Server

What participating entails for guilds:
I will help you...
*Find members suited for your guild
*Find what your guild needs to be successful
*Potentially find a like-minded guild to merge with
*Advertise your guild

Mostly, I would like to see what we have to work with and organize it from there.
To Participate:
Tell me... (through reply, message, anything)
*Name of your guild
*Type of guild
*Current level
*Is your guild currently achieving what it wants to achieve? How successful have you guys been so far?
*What your guild needs
*About the guild's community
*Any extra information that may be useful.

First we need to have a server that people won't want to leave. Our community has kept us together, but we need something more substantial to offer.
So after we have improved our guilds and economy, I will start looking for people who want to help me promote the server and find new blood.

What makes me think I can help?
I have lead both a leveling guild (House of Gothica) and a raiding guild (featuring T Pain). House of Gothica gained about 300 members in 3 months through my advertisements.
Despite the low population of featuring T Pain, I single-handedly lead 10 and 25 man ICC every week. I PuGed as many spots as we needed to PuG. PuGed members who had never done the fights before, taught them the fights, geared them, and we were able to get 7/12, both in 10 and 25 man. The guild had less than 10 members. I PuGed the 25 man every week. Every week we were able to do at LEAST 5/12 in 25 man ICC., with only a handful of people who weren't PuGs.
Yes, the guild could have done better, and people were unreliable, but I did not let anything stand in the way of us doing 10 and 25 man ICC every week.
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100 Draenei Warrior
Why promote something that's bad?

Edit: Shawty
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90 Blood Elf Rogue
Point is to make it better then promote it. :)
We've stayed here because we like the community, and/or don't want to pay for/spend time transferring.

We're here, so we need to make things better for ourselves and for our "posterity". :P
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90 Night Elf Hunter
I've been on Eitrigg form the first day I started WoW (early LK) and I've stuck with it. I like this realm and would hate to see it die. I even remember the days when other realms had sometime negative to say about Eitrigg. I would love to get my guild invoked in helping save Eitrigg, but I just started it. And help/advice would be very appreciated.
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100 Orc Shaman
Eh I gave up wow allready only real fun I have is raiding and even that is boring now days

*here goes a list of the raiding guilds on eitrigg

*In my opinion this is hopeless but I do wish you the best
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80 Tauren Druid
Note to self not to worry Pinny is going to save the day!BTW on mugthol we could full clear icc 25 in a pug so no real accomplishment there Pinny
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90 Blood Elf Rogue
We don't need to compare Eitrigg to other servers. :) We just need to be proud of what's good for us.

Melich, I'll try to contact you in game, but if you see this before then, just try to give me some info about your guild.
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94 Night Elf Druid
I'd love to help Pinny, Add me at Nitel#1732, and we can talk tomorrow sometime? :)
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90 Blood Elf Rogue
I sent you both mail to the characters you posted on.
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100 Orc Warrior
shockramen didn't you server xfer a month or so ago and if so why do you read and post on the eitrigg forums?
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90 Orc Shaman
shockramen didn't you server xfer a month or so ago and if so why do you read and post on the eitrigg forums?

Maybe because he kinda sort of cares like I me, you know. Back when this server was actually somewhat decent from early-2006 until late-2009.

Its never gonna be like that ever again unless they squish some servers together or allow cross realm guilds/AH/arena teams/current raids/etc.
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90 Blood Elf Rogue
Hey guys I just got done traveling back and forth across the United States... so I'm back now, but on a MAC!
Once I have my computer I'll be kicking things back into gear.
First thing I have in mind is making a video for every guild that has asked for my help. So if you haven't given me information about your guild already, do it now!
This will be a more convenient way for everyone to find the perfect guild.

Also, if you have something specific you would like for me to say about your guild, just tell me. Otherwise I will include the information you already gave me. I'm also going to take the time to try and see what your guild's community is like, first hand, either by joining on an alt or scheduling a time to talk to you guys in vent.

So I haven't given up. :) Sorry for the hiatus, but I'm back to business now.

Incase you are wondering...
I went from North Carolina to Texas, to Oklahoma, to further South in Texas, to Virginia (all by car).
It was a very sudden "vacation" that was not relaxing and brought on by homelessness. :P Not the kind of homelessness that happens when you're poor though; just the kind of homelessness that happens when you're military. :o
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90 Blood Elf Rogue
Hey guys, just got internet. It look a lot longer than I thought! We had to resort to the same 4G connection we have on our phones because literally no one provides internet here at the moment.
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90 Troll Hunter
What about us individuals, you've talked about guilds participating, but how can the casual gamer help?

I'm quite involved in the AH on my bank alt. Maybe give me some examples on how to improve the economy?

At least on the horde side, I know we lack volume. We need farmers, badly.
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90 Orc Warrior
Sounds like a pretty sweet idea to me. I'm just as skeptical as the next guy who's played on this server long enough to see the state it's in, but it sure as hell isn't going to get any better without our involvement. Worst case scenario we strengthen the existing guilds/community and make playing here worthwhile for us, if not anyone outside the server.

So, signing up Hard Like Heroic for Pinnification:
Level 15 at the moment, but we're starting to level up at a semi decent rate now that we have a few very active players with alts and so on. We're not quite meeting guild challenges every week unless we purposely try to do it, which sometimes we do.

The phrase I use to describe the guild is "casual but ambitious". We cater to pretty much all interests but we are planning on starting a raid team and so on. The reason I restarted the guild was to farm achievement points, but it really hasn't taken off in this sense. However, since achievements cover every category of gameplay, so do we.

The majority of members right now are friends of mine IRL so we obviously have a great atmosphere and do get a fair bit done, and the more members we recruit the more we can expand that core team that will always be the backbone of the guild.

This guild was formed in '08 as a raiding guild but soon merged with ANZACS and took over their late night team, quickly driving it to a huge success. In the meantime this guild was used to farm Insane in the Membrane for Covertmonkey and myself, so it got pretty well funded (up to 7 tabs now). Given such a history I'm fairly reluctant to give up this guild for merging, especially since we're pretty self sufficient with the aforementioned core team of friends.

Covert and I are both ex raiders (only reason we don't still raid is due to circumstance, but we are currently forming a team for times more convenient to us) and we've pulled some incredible !@#$ in our time and have done our fair share of carrying raids.

Guild ranks are based on achievement points too, for the casual players. The more achievement points the more privileges to gbank, repairs (turned off until cash flow starts generating consistent profit) etc. There is also an officer rank, a raider rank and a veteran rank to reward those players who contribute to the guild but aren't into the achievement side of things.
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90 Human Priest
I revived the server Shandris for the beginning of mop and it went strong until 5.2 (or so I'm told I left a month before 5.2 came out) this is what needs to happen-

1. Less player sprawl- There are many guilds on Eitrigg and there are bound to be awesome players in each. What this does is make the overall guilds a tiny bit better but makes the whole server mediocre. To fix this there needs to be one flagship guild that recruits off server first (players usually hate leaving already established guilds on low pop. servers) and then once its established as a sort of elite guild you can start recruiting on/off server. What this does is establish the realm much better

2. Improve the community- This can be through 25m TOT pugs or raids on alliance/horde. When players have an incentive to stay on their server it makes it more desirable and people don't transfer off as much. As it is now 9 times out of 10 something on Eitrigg can be done on another server more easily and quickly.

3. Get better players on there- Better players that congregate together can provide a resource for new/noob/bad players and that ties into improving the community.

I mentioned before that I was responsible for improving the Shandris community. I'm your average wow player, I'm not the best by any means but I knew how to start things up. At the time we started I collaborated with another player (a druid) who was disgruntled with the state of the realm. We started a guild up and while he took care of the financial affairs I took care of everything else. We started recruiting in late cataclysm and we were fortunate enough to get a solid 8 raiders. Our guild breezed by the nerfed H DS and made a bit of a name for ourselves on the realm. We were able to because only 5 guilds cleared H DS and we did it so easily that they took notice of us.

Once mop started everyone chipped in with everything we needed. I provided gems, the tank provided enchants, the inscriptionists got everyone their cards and through selling a couple mounts for firelands and DS we had a nicely stocked gbank to buy everything else. I got realm first 90 on my warrior along with a couple other guild mates who got their respective realm firsts. We competed with another guild called Verdict (which was alliance, horde was very crappy) and it made the both of us stronger as raid teams. The horde were the underdogs, the bad players who didn't want to pay $15 to get off server and the alliance were brutal to them. Needless to say we left them in the dust when it came to progression. Our guild cleared every raid the first week each one came out and held U.S. 600, and it was all because we decided to do something about it. After Verdict died our guild transferred off with the boredom of no competition and then shortly after we went to Area 52 I took a break from the game.

The point is this- Realm revival can happen!!! If you put in a little effort the realm can go zero to hero. The wowprogress page isn't impressive but even then all the alliance guilds are pulling ahead of horde. I'd be willing to help revive horde but I would need a partner or partners to do it who would be willing to work for it.

I'll leave my battletag and email tied to the account here- Btag-fendar#1497 I have a level 85 horde druid which I would be willing to level to 90.
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90 Blood Elf Rogue
Agh, hey guys! I haven't been able to get on WoW at all because of the internet, but I can still make that video.

Thanks for your responses, guys.
More mat farming is my best/potentially my only idea for how to help the economy aswell, lol. I won't pretend to know what else to do.... or um... ahem... immigrate some gnomes to keep as slaves to do the dirty work for us... *cough*.... ahem... herher... just kidding...
Some kind of system letting people know when no one else is occupying an area for farming mats could be beneficial too... it could be simple as creating a new chat channel.
Contributing to a guild is always a big thing that you can do to help, but aside from that:
Anything in the game that you're passionate about. If you like PvP, it's definitely worth making a video and including that you're from Eitrigg. You could also make videos of raids, or just any other creative idea you might have. Even artwork, for people who like to draw... just anything that could attract attention to our server. You could even take screenshots to create memes if you have good ideas for that. Record an interesting vent conversation with people on Eitrigg and upload that.
Also, small things like helping noobies and being nice to people and stuff. :)

Thanks a lot, Borra! Will definitely take your advice.

Anyway, a personal update... found out that our baby is a girl! She'll still most likely be a scorpio but they've told me the due date could be earlier (Oct. 21st, so libra). I'm excited and I've made her boots, a hat, and a blanket. I've also been feeling weird from the increasing pressure on my nerves, arteries, and organs... bleh.

I wish I could get on WoW... hopefully we'll find a better source of internet soon! I see that MoP is only $20 this week.
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90 Blood Elf Rogue
Communication is always key. We can make a specific channel dedicated to mat farming, but of course you can just ask in general chat if anyone is there mining/herb gathering/whatever you intend to do, and ask them to let you know when they're done.
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90 Blood Elf Rogue
Good news, we are getting real internet on Sunday.
Also, I am planning to make a WoW music video and am hoping I can get about 9 people from the Eitrigg community to be in it.
This is a commitment, if you want to be a part of it. I would expect the fraps recording to take an entire day (ok I don't honestly think it will, but anyone who wants to be a part of this will need to set aside the entire day).

I will be looking for a...
Boomkin (preferably a female troll)
Tank (non-druid; anything that has a shield)
Warlock (will need to have a specific ability)
+three more people (class doesn't really matter aside from that)

I prefer blood elves and female characters. Level requirement for the video will probably be atleast 70. Also, you must have vent (it's ok if you don't have a mic though).
If you're interested, fill this out:
Character name:
Gender (of character)
Do you have ventrilo?
Are you willing to respec?
Are you mature, patient, and willing to spend a whole day doing this?
Are you willing to transmog? (not necessarily necessary)
Screenshot of your character:
Extra screenshots (include any armor sets you think are worth sharing):

I will reveal more details about what we are doing once I approve your application.
For now, I will say that I wrote a song parody and it's going to be a video for that.
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90 Orc Warrior
Character name: Fendred/Soulmusic/Fendror
Race: Orc/Undead/Tauren
Class: Warrior/Mage/Druid
Spec: Fury.Prot/Frost.Fire/Resto.Balance
Level: 90/85/86
Gender (of character): M/M/M
Do you have ventrilo?: Y
Are you willing to respec?: maybe
Are you mature, patient, and willing to spend a whole day doing this?: Yes, Yes, maybe - depends on the day and the start and finish times in my timezone. Would be open to doing it over a weekend or something instead.
Are you willing to transmog? (not necessarily necessary): Yes on Fendred, have a number of cool sets, other toons got !@#$
Screenshot of your character:
Extra screenshots (include any armor sets you think are worth sharing):

'screenshots' of my other characters & current set on Fendred can be found in armory character profile.
Depends on the actual specifics of the project whether I'd be interested in participating, but I'm down with the concept for sure.
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