Which class is best for me?

25 Orc Warrior
Do you want to have a permanent pet? Is a temporary one okay with you? Or does it not matter if you have a pet?
-Pets seem like they would be annoying to me. Making random noises behind me all the time when I'm questing. If they can kill stuff than it's another story. It really doesn't matter much to me to be honest.

Are you partial to cloth wearers or do you want a little more bulk in your armor?
-I like the look of big bulky armor, + it's a lot more safer than cloth. I just like knowing I'm safe and can't get run up & done up on real fast. Having that tanky feeling helps. I don't care if it's cloth or any type of armor as long as the character itself is fun. I just want it to look cool, know what I mean?

What have you played in other games before? Maybe you played a caster in another game and liked it, or have a fondness for barbarians/warriors. WoW might have a rough equivalent for you!
-I've played RuneScape & Skyrim. Those are the only two I've played that are like WoW in a way. In Skyrim caster classes (mages) were really fun to play. I had a High Elf Mage and it was pretty cool! It gets a little boring after a while doing the same old thing. I never got past the first flame spell though. I also had a main character with big heavy armor and actual weapons. It was fun I maxed it out! Both of them were fun to play so I'm not per say more fond of any type. On runescape I had a level 97 main account and I normally did melee because I couldn't afford magic so I'm not really sure. Mage was fun as hell when I could actually afford runes.

Do you want to be able to heal yourself and others, or are you okay with lacking those spells?
-I want to be able to heal myself. I don't really care for healing others because to me it seems like they are the only ones who benefit from it, so no. I'm actually NOT okay with lacking those spells. If I can't absolutely know I won't be safe I won't feel comfortable. I like tanking and healing. Don't get me wrong on DPS though. I love that :)

Which is your preference: attacking enemies from a distance or being up in their faces?
-That's a tricky one for me. I love being sneaky and one-shotting them with an arrow from a distance then looting their body. (Skyrim reference) but I also like going in and just messing stuff up. I don't really have a preference.

Are you the sneaky type or do you take pleasure ripping out internal organs as a greeting right off the bat?
-I kind of answered this in the question above this one. I don't really have a preference. I really like both of them but again I don't have a preference.

Do you want to be on the front lines with a shield or watching over your group to keep them safe?
-Front lines :)

Will you be leveling with a friend or mostly on your own? If you're doing it with a friend, what are they planning to level, or have they not decided yet?
-On my own. Forever alone :'(

Have you read about classes at all yet? If so, what stands out as interesting to you? Have you tried any classes already?
-I've played to level 25 on an Orc Protection Warrior. It's boring me to tears to be quite honest with you. I've also played up to around I think level 14 or 15 on an Undead Frost Mage. It got boring pretty fast. I didn't really like playing frost, maybe that's what it was. I'm more of a pyromaniac. I got to level 3 on a Pandaren Monk but deleted it. Haha :P - I'm actually making this thread because I'm bored of my characters. :/

Are you interested in the lore or story of Warcraft? Some classes have a lot of easily-absorbed lore while others are a little "less detailed" in their history.
-Yea I'm interested in it :) It's pretty cool. - I mainly got into WoW just to kill stuff. cx

Interested in roleplaying at all? This goes with the previous question, but some races/classes are easier to roleplay as a newbie than others (with lots of history to adhere to).
-Not really. It's kind of creepy to me.

Do any of the races stick out to you as being attractive? Not every race can be every class, so if you have an early favorite (or if you really dislike one in particular) this can narrow things down.
-I think Undead is EPIC looking.. Maybe just because I'm a guy and I <3 zombies. Blood Elves are the sexy race in my opinion. I will NEVER play a Draenei, why? I think they're ugly. I'm not very fond of the trolls either. The only thing that bothers me about them is that they're feet are UGLY and they can't wear shoes to cover it up. Other than that all the other races are fine :p
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90 Draenei Death Knight
Maybe you would like a retribution/protection paladin. They can heal themselves, they are up in the front lines, and you can make a blood elf paladin.
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25 Orc Warrior
Maybe you would like a retribution/protection paladin. They can heal themselves, they are up in the front lines, and you can make a blood elf paladin.
Have you ever made a paladin? Just wondering because I want to know what your fav spec is. :)
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90 Draenei Death Knight
04/20/2013 07:59 PMPosted by Drumgun
Maybe you would like a retribution/protection paladin. They can heal themselves, they are up in the front lines, and you can make a blood elf paladin.
Have you ever made a paladin? Just wondering because I want to know what your fav spec is. :)

I've made one paladin, I've leveled it up to 25-ish before I transferred realms. I don't have much paladin knowledge, but I liked leveling as a protection and retribution paladin because I could get fast dungeon queues as protection, and I could kill mobs for quests pretty fast as retribution. Holy paladins are good for healing, and got me fast dungeon queues, but for questing, they weren't the fastest at killing things.
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90 Pandaren Rogue
From reading your post, I'd like to put up the Druid class for you. they have heals, mdps, rdps, and tank specs all wrapped up into one furry class. theyre very versatile, fun to play (My Opinion, obviously), and pretty nice to level because of how you can swap form depending on the situation.
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90 Orc Death Knight
I'd also recommend Paladin. Had an 85 during Cataclysm that I'd leveled Protection and switched to Retribution at the level cap and had a blast with both. It's a very versatile class, which I've always considered to be a big plus personally and I liked the holy power mechanic as well.
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