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100 Tauren Druid
(The long version)
<Wicked> is an 18+ raiding guild that has been consistently active and raiding since Karazhan was progression content. We are under the same leadership as the day we were founded, and our ranks are open to anyone who treats fellow players with respect. We play on the low population PVP server Malorne-US.
We are a completely stable guild on Malorne, and one of the only ones with such a long history that will accept any player, no matter how new/casual/hardcore/social as long as they can follow our one rule, borrowed from Wil Wheaton: Don't Be a Dick.  We do not think internet "troll" behavior is cool, and expect members to conduct themselves following "real world" rules of decency, respect, and maturity.  If act like an idiot for attention, this is not the guild for you.  If you act online in a way that is almost identical to how you would act when meeting new people at a friend's house, you will probably find us a good fit.
We do require a short application to be filled out at www.wickedofmalorne.com, as if we are willing to invest in you, we ask that you help us to track our membership and provide you a forum where you can participate in discussions about guild events and officer elections.  We also use Facebook to communicate and coordinate on a more casual, daily basis.
We also are the happy home of the LowPopWow podcast, a show that streams live every other Sunday, discussing the challenges of playing on low pop realms and factions, and whose guests share best practices about getting the most out of our game play (although that topic will likely shift to community issues and helping newer raiders once Virtual Realms eliminate extremely low server populations).  Our GM also is the resident priest cohost on the MyEpicHeals podcast.
For those who miss 25 man raids, we will be hosting a 25m cross-realm Flex raid Sunday nights from 7pm CST to 11pm every week. Flex raids will be used as the training raids for our newest members, as well as for those who prefer to raid in a chill, relaxed environment. While all persons coming to this raid are expected to be gemmed/reforged/enchanted and have a minimum of 500 iLevel, our focus is on training mechanics and giving the opportunity to improve their raid performance without the risk of being shamed--no meters are allowed to be linked, and only constructive, positive feedback is permitted. People who talk down to newer players or who criticize those who are truly trying their best are removed from the raid and from future invitations. While we currently use cross-realm to fill, we would LOVE to recruit a full team of casual and social raiders.  We have experience in running 25m raids since Burning Crusade, and have hosted pugs and cross-realm raids for years.
The Sunday Night 25m Flex Raid will be where new members who are interested in joining the progression teams prove themselves.
We currently have one semi hardcore progression 10m raid team that runs 3 nights a week (T/W/Th) with mandatory 95% or better attendance, and a one-night-a-week Saturday semi-hardcore progression team (requiring the same attendance). The weekday progression group is currently 12/12, but is looking for exceptional players to both serve as alternates and to apply for current needs to start pushing Heroics.  If you can only raid occasionally, but are competent and willing to keep up your toon, we are extremely interested in having you as a backup so that core players can have nights off when desired. The Saturday run is looking for ranged caster dps who are available as backups who can potentially commit to the schedule if we gain an opening and who are willing to get their characters ready to push HARD progression when 5.4 is released.
If you are looking for a new home, please consider us. If you are happy with your current guild but would like to be considered for the Sunday night 25m Flex raids, please mail me in-game or through the LowPopWow website (lowpopwow.com). Preference is always given to guild members and people cross-realm with whom I already have an established relationship with, but if you are pleasant to play with, you will quickly be able to fall into that category.
Current needs are exceptional non-melee backup raiders for T/W/Th 7:30pm -11pm CST, if interested in earning a spot in line for a permanent position, all nights required each week. Gaining these positions (and keeping them) is dependent upon performance.
Also need caster dps (mage/lock/spriest/boomkin) as backup raiders for the existing progression teams, and they are in high demand for the 3rd team we are building.
In addition, we are looking for PVP players and players interested in running old raids for achievements to join us and grow our community.

We are also open to applications from existing guilds, as we have an excellent track record of providing a new home to guilds that have shrunk below raid capability. Contact us for details!
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100 Tauren Druid
Original post updated to reflect current needs and changes coming in 5.4.
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100 Tauren Druid
We are actually looking to expand our Saturday night 10m team into a 25m, ad will be offering Flex and LFR raids in addition to our two progression groups in 5.4. Ranged dps is our most needed role currently, but applicants are accepted on personality first and foremost, then fit to a raid group based upon their level of performance secondly. If you are a nice, fun, respectful person who treats people in-game the same way you would treat friends of friends out of game, we have activities sand groups for you to play with. If interested in a progression team, please include a link to a recent World of Logs report on your application--even if it is from LFR, if you actively attempted to follow mechanics and avoid damage while performing your role, it will give us insight into your play style and current level of performance.
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