Why is world PvP more fun than BGs?...

90 Draenei Shaman
The answer is "angry whinebabies".


- Picks a fight, blows all cooldowns, beats a caster who is lagging and can barely even drop totems. No problem there, it happens.
- Picks a fight, spams lols, loses.
- Picks a fight, spams lols, loses (because he's so stupid he sends his pet in to die while he's way out of range*).
- Switches toons so he can stomp his foot and scream I AM TOO GOOD I'M JUST TOO STUPID TO DO NUMBERS.
- Picks an alt that he is certain will win against the target of his raging butthurt's spec if he blows all his cooldowns, and issues a "challenge"**.

Mind you, this is the same guy who ate a little suspension not that long ago on that shaman because he would go into Wintergrasp and, every time he feared losing a fight, leave the match so he'd be ported out and then requeue and zone back in. It was really sad.

Yes I'm bored. This download (the one that caused the lag) is taking forever.

*Pro Tip: the Beast Master Hunter is there to protect his pet, not the other way around.
**Is anyone really still dumb enough to think that duels are meaningful?
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90 Human Warrior
This and 100 times this. BUT one better or at least when I was playing was the angry rage whispers. I can recall more then a few times killing people doing dailies over and over and they'd log to ally and ask if they could just please finish their dailies up. Of course I'd reply sure thing, then kill em repeatedly. Its all worth it when you get an all caps post of rage or name calling.

Good job lyutfie!
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90 Tauren Death Knight
Cuz Odinn is a wimpy coward who can't handle toons his own level. So glad you're leaving don't forget to write.
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90 Tauren Warrior
World PvP isn't fun, though.

Oh, right, it's fun for the exploiters.
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Cuz Odinn is a wimpy coward who can't handle toons his own level. So glad you're leaving don't forget to write.

Someone's mad.

Odinn has, many a times, taken on plenty 1v1s, even if he is a ganking bastard (I say that with love). I've seen them (because I'm a perv and like to watch), and have gotten into a ton of 1v1s against him. Yes, sometimes he does/did roam with a crew, but it's expected, especially since his guild has/did have (I'm not sure) a ton of people online at once. Just sounds like you were at the wrong place at the wrong time. Or the right place for him.

I haven't seen a decent PvP rage post in a while, and this did make me laugh. I have to disagree on one thing Lyutfie, both the pet and hunter are equals with BM, and each give their life for the other, so if the hunter really needs to GTFO, the pet will be sent in to slow you down. On the other hand, if that hunter was as equally geared, then what the hell was his problem?
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