Some requests to Blizzard Entertainment

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Hello Blizzard Entertainment,
I just have some requests that I hope you can put in. :)

1. Make the Baby Murlocs found in Elwynn Forest and Durotar become wild battle pets.
2. Increase the chances of the Geosynchronous World Spinner and the Depleted Kyparium Rocket being dropped from the Blintron 4000 Gift package.
3. Increase the chances of getting any holiday-themed mounts (Big Love Rocket, The Horseman's Reins, etc.).
4. Reduce the cost of Mysterious Orbs sold by Big Keech.
5. Allow all mounts from normal and heroic raids from specific bosses also drop from raid finder.
6. Allow the Zandalari Warbringers to drop the same loot for everyone and not make them tagged.
7. Increase the chances of finding Skyshards to be dropped from mobs.
8. Make the Reins of the Heavenly Jade Cloud Serpent, Reins of the Heavenly Azure Cloud Serpent, and Reins of the Heavenly Golden Cloud Serpent become availble to players.
9. Bring back Pierre and Sky Claw to WoW.
10. Remove instance locks from all dungeons and raids instead of waiting them to unlock every week.
11. Add in a St. Patricks Day themed holiday.
12. Make a questline in which Garrosh Hellscream dies and Thrall comes back to become leader of the Horde.
13. Replace the Puntable Marmot with a Puntable Gnome.
14. Cross-Trade with people on different realms as well as a worldwide Auction House.
15. Cross-Breed Mounts.
16. Make there be a chance to encounter epic and legendary wild battle pets that ARE CAPTURABLE.
17. Allow the ability to fly around Silvermoon City and the Exodar and the zones in which they are located in.
18. Make another expansion that will allow us to go to a new world (Outlands does NOT count).
19. Stop removing random items from the game. (except exploited items)
20. Bring back the AQ event that gives players another chance at the Black Quiraji Battle Tank (or just make a really long questline for it).
21. Make the final legendary quest from Wrathion a legendary weapon that is class-specific.
22. Remove the valor cap, justice points cap, etc. and allow players to get as much valor points, justice points, etc. as they want.
23. Make a worldwide event that makes you become a GM for a day.
24. Make player's avatars in forums and posts animated.
25. Add in the Green Fire Hawk Mount.
26. Make there be a DirectTV subscription bonus during Blizzcon 2013 that is similar to the Grunty and Deathy pets from the DirectTV subscription bonus back in Blizzcon 20-something.
27. Add in rare pets that can sparkle when they appear in the wild and have a different colorization.
That's about it.
And if you like any of my ideas, please, comment below. :)
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This isn't the best place for this post, I suggest re-posting on the general forums here -
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