Divination is a seeking a Druid or Shaman with both a healer & DPS spec(prefer caster) (with the emphasis on heals atm) to raid on one of our 10 man raid teams.

The team raids Fri & Sat night at 6pm-9pm realm.

The team's current progress is 4/12 in ToT normal & moving on up quickly :)

We would love a mature (18+) player who can make the raid commitment. Someone who knows their class, knows not to stand in the fire and is willing to put in the time- lfr/dailys for gearing up as well. Experience is always a huge plus. Though we are willing to work on gear and lack of experience for the right player :)

Vent is a must!

Divination is a large very active progression minded guild, that has been together for 5 years now! We are friendly & social, with someone always on to run content with! We also run several guild lfr each week!

If interested please contact: Isaboo, Kaelestia, Sadistikk, Montreser in game.
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