Low(er) LvL Holy Questions...

82 Dwarf Paladin
I am loving my holy spec. I just hit 80. I was pure ret until lvl 65. I went holy and havent looked back. I even sold all my dps gear! lol I do have a few questions though.

1. What is the "penalty" if I am not wearing all plate gear?
(I know on my hunter its a -5% agility)
2. Where in the world (of Warcraft) can I find some healing trinkets???
(Please dont look at mine, I'll die of shame)
3. To make sure I am using it correctly.... Beacon of light goes on the tank, right?
(Seems to be working great that way so far but I'm a newb)

Any suggestions/advice is welcome! Thanks in advance :)
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90 Draenei Paladin
You have the passive Plate Specialization, which (for Holy) is 5% Intellect increase, and Strength for Ret and maybe Stamina for Prot but I'm not sure. So, you just won't get that increase if you don't wear plate.

Decent healing trinkets are hard to come by, IMO, so your best chance is instances or quest rewards, but they're rarer. Even healer-plate is hard to come by. The most you can reasonably ask for is Intellect or Crit or Haste or something. Rarely will you get Spirit and healing, I think.

Beacon usually stays on the tank, but if you glyph Beacon of Light, it removes the Global Cool-Down on it, so you can swap it to other people for Divine Lights (when damage permits; don't do it when the tank's taking substantial damage).
Getting into the habit of smoothly swapping Beacons will make healing a bit easier.
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90 Pandaren Mage
1. it's the same
2. dungeons, and I think a quest in Hyjal at some point. Might be mistaken.
3. Yes.
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82 Dwarf Paladin
thanks guys :)
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