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68 Orc Warrior
hello i am wondering what is the lowest level to get a helm my guy just looks wierd without a helmet and also i have been wodering about a thing thats wierd a mage orc i dont get it
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90 Troll Priest
You can get a helm quite early on the game but helms aren't exactly very common until 30+. I wouldn't worry so much about it, you will get one eventually.

I don't understand the second part of your question.
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100 Human Priest
Orc mage doesn't really seem too odd, especially if you follow the background of the game a bit. Granted orc mages are a newer addition to Warcraft, they aren't off-par from orc warlocks, which we've had for a while.

Helmets start getting common around 20, though for leather more drops start coming around 30. The absolute earliest you could equip a warrior with a helmet would be level 20, according to all the databases I just searched.

Engineering and blacksmithing both produce level 20 mail helmets.

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100 Worgen Mage
You can purchase BoA helms from guild vendors if your guild is at least level 20 and your rep is Honored, but they're expensive, and Engineering has stuff that can be equipped by 20. Questing through the Cape of Stranglethorn will net Booty Bay Helm though.

If you're asking why orcs can be mages, it's because they began dabbling with non-fel magics again before the Shattering.
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MVP - World of Warcraft
100 Blood Elf Hunter
hello i am wondering what is the lowest level to get a helm my guy just looks wierd without a helmet and also i have been wodering about a thing thats wierd a mage orc i dont get it

Orc mages weren't originally part of the game; they were added just before Cataclysm released as part of a change where many races were allowed to be classes they couldn't be previously. (Tauren paladins, dwarf shamans, troll warlocks, etc.)

As mentioned, it isn't too much of a stretch since there were already orc warlocks. I tend to think that warlocks and mages are very similar magical studies in lore; warlocks are just willing to use fel magic, summon demons, steal souls, and the like. Mages do not use such dubious sources of power, and tend to have standard practices/rules to ensure their magical use does not get out of control.

Mages are more by-the-book students, while warlocks are rebellious and dangerous students of magic, in other words. With that in mind, it's not too hard to see how orcs could be mages. Maybe some were fascinated by magical studies but not willing to be warlocks. Maybe some mages were former warlocks who rejected their fel-using ways. You could also make some kind of connection between mage and shaman abilities if you were clever enough (both can use elemental magic--frost and fire).
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Orcs in many other fantasy mythos are very war-like, primitive and barbarous in their culture, with brute strength being the prevailing stereo-typical attribute. These Orcs are often depicted as arms bearing warriors without the cunning, patience or intellect for the rigours of magic.

Blizzard's World of Warcraft Orcs are different. They are much more spiritual, wise and sensitive to forces outside our normal understanding, such as Shamanism and Fel magics. Recently they began to control other Arcane forces.

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