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100 Tauren Warrior
The Department of KickAss <DoKA>lvl25 is currently recruiting all classes and specs for raiding and pvp.

<DoKA> has been around since vanilla along with a majority of our members. We progressed from 40man raids to 10 and 25man hardmodes. We had some of the original High Warlords and have been crushing alliance and arena egos since day one. Now its time for some MoP.

After a year or so hiatus from wow were back, but unfortunately 7ish months after MoP release. This puts us behind the curve as far as content and gear is concerned. Experienced raiders know this is just a minor set back, the gear will come and subsequently the bosses will fall. The difficult part is getting up and running.

As stated previously, we are recruiting all classes and specs specifically tanks and healers(isn't that always the case lol) We currently do not have a set raid schedule, as in the past we like to set our schedule to the benefit of the majority of our core raiders. This is a key selling point however. We have core spots available and its a great opportunity to help build a raid group from the ground up. Be a part of the decision making and help contribute to the building of our community.

We do not have a min gear ilvl requirement. Most of us have just gotten back into WoW, even as recent as earlier this week. A lot of our members have dusted off their accounts and were pushing hard to gear up and get back into the raiding scene. We have heroic dungeon groups running on a daily basis along with raid finder groups and weve been running pick up 10man raids.

PvP has always been a core value of DoKA. We have groups running BGs and arenas every day and at all times of the day. Ive listed this separately because although almost all of our members enjoy pvp, we do have players who solely pvp. If you are interested in competitive pvp we have a place for you.

We have a lot of alts, people who are leveling, and friends of friends who barely get to play but when they do want to be a part of some type of community. We love to grow our player base and offer a relaxed atmosphere to get your WoW on. If this fits your play style we encourage you to join up.

Even in the short time weve been back its been awesome catching up with old friends and people weve played with over the years. We forgot how much fun we have playing this game together and invite anyone interested in running with us not to hesitate in getting in contact with us. Please reply here or hit up anyone in <DoKA> in game for a guild invite or more information.

<3 always-Youngbull
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90 Orc Shaman
Hi YB!

Not necessarily an expression of interest, but you should check out this thread and let some other DoKA Members know about it


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100 Tauren Warrior
Obitus! long time man! nice pics! wish you had our first nef kill lol. Imma have to hook up my old comp and see if I still have any ss' worth posting.
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90 Blood Elf Death Knight
Hey Youngbull, was wondering if you were still recruiting. I'm mainly looking to pvp with this char and my ret paladin I'd bring along with me. I might pve with paladin as holy, but i'm not sure yet. Thanks
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90 Undead Priest
I'm looking for a guild that would be active in doing heroic dungeons/scenerios and also raids.
So far the guilds that randomly add me in game are inactive and also have a low 90 count. So I'm down to join if you're all willing to try some new content.
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90 Blood Elf Warrior
Im looking for a guild. Hit me up if you are still recruiting.
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