Red Tear is an established 25man raiding team that dates back to vanilla warcraft.

Recently we've had some members retire, leaving us with some room in our raiding squad.

At the moment, we have enough openings that we can easily absorb a half dozen raiders, across the dps-healer-tank spectrum.

We know there are a number of 10man teams on Moonrunner that haven't been able to field a solid group due to similar circumstances.

We are looking for one of these teams for a proposed guild alliance.

We can try a few weeks raiding together where Red Tear brings 20 or so raiders, and your team brings around 5. If things seem to work out, after a few weeks, we'll talk about something more formal. If things aren't working out, no harm - no foul; we'll probably have entertained you for a couple of nights and you'll have some new shinny loot to show for it.

We raid 25man on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings, from 6-8 Moonrunner time (9-11pm EST).

If you think you might have a team of people that would like to give us a try, please contact me here, ingame, or at

Many thanks.