Modas il Toralar - [H-RP]

92 Blood Elf Warlock
Modas il Toralar
"Order through Atrocity, Peace through Fear, Faith in Modas il Toralar."
[Heavy Role Play Guild on Cenarion Circle-Horde]

In Silvermoon, Orgrimmar, Thunder Bluff, Shattrath, the Shrine, and other Horde cities and outposts all over Azeroth, parchment was handed out to citizens with no care who it went to. Kor'kron and Sunreavers, thieves and guards, elves, forsaken, tauren, orc, goblin. Anyone and everyone was a target.

"Do you seek power? Intelligence?
Do you want a place to join in which knowledge is all?
Are you a magister? A warlock? A warrior? A paladin?
All are accepted, we do not discriminate.
We want you.

The Modas il Toralar is recruiting like-minded individuals who see both sides of the coin.
Light and dark. Good and evil.
Hope and despair. Faith and fear.
Spies, assassins, protectors, guards, thieves, knights, join us.
Magisters, bloodmages, clerics, arcanists, warlocks, enchanters, join us.
Poets, authors, cooks, servants, soldiers join us.
Tailors, miners, armorsmiths, jewelers, join us.

Unsure if we are what you need and seek?
Contact Lady Armaya Shade for an audience to have your questions and concerns addressed."


Modas il Toralar is one of the oldest roleplaying guilds on the Cenarion Circle server. We are a Villian/Evil role-play guild that attracts the type of characters who enjoy spying, torturing, murdering, soul stealing, demon studying, and all other types of unethical activities. We are a mature roleplay guild that deals in PG-13+ subjects which includes torture and murder, thus we do ask all interested parties be at least 16 or over in age.

In game, our Sanctum is located in Karazhan and we are currently led by Dr. Vincent Wolfe. We also are run by a Council of Three: Kaerina Bloodhawk of the Undermarket, Seeking Leader for the Ebon Reavers, and Eralos Feliwen of the Fel Hand.
Armaya Shade is the current Modas recruiter and second in command of the Fel Hand, though other members can be contacted if one is interested in joining.

We are not requiring people to fill out and apply via our website [listed above], but it will generally help the process along so someone knows you are interested so we highly recommend it.

If you have a character who you aren't sure if they will fit, just talk to one of us and we'd be happy to help you. Want to make a character fit into Modas, or perhaps need some Villians for your current RP? Contact one of us and we will be happy to help.

As for server events, the Modas il Toralar hosts the Black Hand Society every month. If you wish to be invited, please send a letter to Azurick, as he handles that event.
We do have plans to start another event, though unsure if that will be weekly, biweekly, or monthly.

Thank you, and if you have any questions please feel free to contact one of the following: Armaya, Vincentwolfe, Kaerina, or Eralos, or whisper one of the Modas members who are online.
Edited by Armaya on 5/1/2013 5:39 PM PDT
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100 Draenei Death Knight
((These are awesome people with intelligent, layered RP. I still look quite fondly back on the time I spent with them in Burning Crusade, and if you're looking for an established guild with some unusual, distinctive RP, you could do much worse than to get in touch with them!))
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100 Undead Warrior
Join the Modasss or Die, yesss!

*swipes ragefang's trouser's, replaces them with Angry Sentient Underwear*
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90 Blood Elf Death Knight
*Offers Angst to Abominus*
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100 Human Mage
I hope your recruitment drive goes well, Armaya. Modas is one of the best known and most respected role playing guilds Cenarion Circle has. It would be wonderful to see more people with your tabard.
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90 Undead Mage
((oh hai guise wuts goin in here, eh? <3 Good guild. Join them. Or die.))
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83 Undead Warlock
very good people , always encouraging me to be a bad guys , gotta love them for that.
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92 Blood Elf Warlock
(( Still recruiting! We are in dire need of new members, specifically Reavers. If you aren't interested in joining, but still interested in RPing with us, that's awesome as well! Contact me and we can set things up! ))
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90 Dwarf Warrior
I have had a few run ins with the folks in Modas, some of the RP events we've had were rather fun. These guys are definatly worth looking into if you're looking to do some dastardly deeds
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92 Blood Elf Warlock
(( Bump! ))
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90 Troll Warlock
[These guys are old school. Had a bunch of fun with them on toons in Da Doctas. I have to admit, it was cool to see VincentWolfe running around Thunder Isle.]
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