I had no idea Spirestone was so imbalanced...

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Online Date: 2005-02-24
Total Characters: 4,430
Total Alliance: 347 - 8%
Total Horde: 4,083 - 92%
A to H Ratio: 1 : 11.8

Alliance = 8%

lol wtf dirty horde lovers...
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Holy crap.
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Total Alliance: 347 - 8%

While i doubt the accuracy of that number, i do not have figures to dispute it. On a side note, 1 horde 90, 4 ally 90s.... so that number on ally side seems inflated now. As another side note, the majority of people i know (pretty much all but 2) have more than one 90 on ally side..... makes that small number seem smaller.
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Dirty Horde Lovers

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Online Date: 2005-02-24

When the server was first made...? I think its pretty even now.

EDIT: http://wow.realmpop.com/us-spirestone.html

Just changed the level range to 90. Unless this site is wrong...
Edited by Porkfrierice on 5/6/2013 9:42 AM PDT
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Yeah addiction alone has 170 level 90s.... I'm going with warcraft realms is a little off. You can't tell me addiction represents almost half of all spirestone alliance.

realmpop has us at .86:1 A to H with 3754ish 90s. which SEEMS accurate

Edit: errrr wowprogress, not realmpop
Edited by Cheep on 5/17/2013 11:45 PM PDT
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I think the Ratio is accurate for that time. When Wow first started most people went alliance. The forums were full of complaints how Horde players were unfairly outnumbered and bullied in every zone.

Spirestone (and Firetree) were the first ‘after release’ PvP servers so a lot of horde players started over here (from every other server) to escape the imbalance.

And hoo boy some of them were bitter :P

Later when battlegrounds came out many horde started to transfer back to other servers due to the long queue times.
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