Hello and Goodbye

11 Worgen Priest
Greetings my lovely Azeroth friends!

It pains me to write this however, I wanted to say good-bye to Burning Blade and it's community, or what is left of it. I made some great memories on this server since '05. I watched guilds form, rise, succeed and split up. I have met a lot of great players who became my friends and hoping to continue this relationship. I started off my priest career with a guild that was ran by Serbians (back than there were no EU servers…woah!) After that I joined Liberty for those awesome 2+ days of non stop PvP in SS and AV. Constant battles with TFB were sure entertaining even in Barrens.

As Liberty died out I was in small guild Death Dealers and we had small little fun. After Death Dealers, during WotLK, I got recruited into Silent Resurgence and been with them until ICC came out. My next stop was Ghosts of Burning Blade and towards end of expansion Band of Brotherz. With small stops in War Ensemble some where down T11, my friends and I formed Vintage. It was my new home, my new family.

The reason for all this blabbing and wall of text is that even though most of these guilds are no longer there, I still remember them and they all impacted me. I thank them for allowing me to be part of community. I would like to thank all those friends I met in those guilds and relationships I developed. Special thanks goes to Band of Brotherz and Vintage as they are my online WoW family. They always were and always will be!

On topic of thanks and all that fuzzy stuff, I have met a lot of great guilds and players outside my circle. Big shout out to UT, Hero, Demise, AoF, LE, Snozz, WE, Horde High Council, Monster, and many others (ex)members.
/wave and hug will always go out to my sexy ladies: Vixie, Waraila, Jyn, and Miztake.

This had been a fun experience and I wish you the same. Enjoy your time with your friends and slay those dragons! PvE > PvP ☺

If any of you would like to stay in touch please feel free to add my b.tag Fanta#1553

Thank you for your time and FOR THE HORDE!

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100 Tauren Druid

I'll certainly miss you on the server fanta.
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90 Undead Priest
Wish you the best of luck man! Many thanks for dealing with all my (at time dumb) questions regarding spriest/disc. Hope to catch you streaming sometime soon man.
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90 Pandaren Priest
Good luck fantacy!
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100 Blood Elf Priest
Aww, you're leaving us?? How sad.

Who am I going to point out and show off as the best shadow priest on BB now? (I know there are lots of great spriests here, I just don't remember names too good)

Fanta is one of the historical and memorable BB figures from vanilla, BGs and old BoB raids so will be missed.

But TheVix is still a ditzhead and will promptly forget people once they're gone from our realm or when she powers off her computer. Most likely will remember them if they come back, no guarantees but a good chance.

Good luck in your future endeavors and write when you find work!
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90 Blood Elf Paladin
later man, It sucked when I left too : ( BB is a sinking ship sadly
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90 Blood Elf Mage
Damn! We're losing everybody, aren't we? :( Good luck; we shoulda followed suit. Maybe if we're lucky they'll start cutting down servers and the rest of us'll get free transfers. ;p
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90 Blood Elf Paladin
Good luck Fanta!
I luv u <3
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85 Blood Elf Priest
Dude what the hell you're leaving me? :(
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Fantacy, I love you man. Inspired me to become a Really good Spreist back in cata. Thanks for everything.
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