Dungeon Pace?

70 Tauren Paladin
I have been almost strictly a dps player since I started playing WoW and I have never complained about a tank going to slow unless they are sitting to eat after every pull. I have also leveled a healer through dungeons and again never complained about a "to slow" pace tho have had to abandon groups because they were going to fast for my mana to keep up. I thought trying out the tank would be fun and would let me see the other side of the coin so to speak and it was until recently. At this point I am more so learning why so few people want to tank.

After the background onto the problem at hand.

I have been leveling this character strictly through tanking dungeons. I started off being very slow because I hadn't done tanking before and I was still learning the basics. Up until my recent dungeon bracket people mostly seemed ok with the speed I have worked up to I pull a group or two at a time and when they die I loot and grab the next couple of groups.

Once inside my current bracket of dungeons however people are no longer ok with the I loot step of moving on to the next group apparently or want me to pull entire rooms of things. I pull as much as I know i can hold aggro on and on the rare occasions i grab more it usually ends poorly. I ask people politely to please stop pulling and tend to go by the three strikes before I bail on the group because I feel like having others pull for me is hindering my learning. I also feel like if a move much faster I am likely to wipe a group which I would be flamed for but moving at a steady pace also gets me flamed.

So my question is a tank allowed to loot? Also how big of a group should be pulled to attempt to appease the masses?
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81 Gnome Death Knight
My advice? Make sure you have lots of bag space then turn on Auto-Loot.

Even if they are pulling ahead of you at your level they're likely doing 1/5th your dps which is around 1/25th your threat. They won't hold anything's attention for long. With auto loot you'll only be a second or two behind so just run up, smack them with something, then run on to another group.

Whether you smack the mobs or the dps is up to you. :)
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90 Tauren Warrior
I usually go as fast as my healer is able to keep up. Healers are your best friends after all.

Now adays when I spam heroics on my monk with a healer I know, I will pull everything all the way to boss. Most of the time the dps gets to me when the boss is at 50-70%. Have yet hear dps complain.
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100 Dwarf Warrior
Do what you want to do. They are not considerate of you so why care about them.

Worst case they can kick you and you just instant que again.
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91 Orc Monk
I like to move at a quick pace when leveling, auto loot is your friend if you want to loot, but really the important loot: patterns, blues, greens will have to be rolled on so unless you are doing tailoring most of the vendor trash isn't totally worth it.
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70 Tauren Paladin
I use auto loot already so it doesn't take to long to grab things. I guess I just need to relax and let them do what they are going to do and stop letting it stress me out or make stupid decisions.
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100 Blood Elf Paladin
In the lower-level instances you really dont need a tank anymore these days, especially if everyone is wearing heirlooms. Things just die too fast. Just hang in there and grow a thick skin. It gets better.
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39 Worgen Warlock
Roll's off cooldown.

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14 Night Elf Druid
Charge/Heroic Leap/Mocking Banner is off cooldown.

for a Warrior :l
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90 Human Death Knight
I am only in dungeons for the exp. Therefore, I want to finish as quickly as possible and return the quests as quickly as possible. None of the loot is worthwhile (greens, cloth, greys, maybe enchanting mats). And I have limited bag space. If anything of note drops, someone else will click it and I can roll for it. I only loot bosses for quest items. I have done the dungeons several times already, so I know where I need to go and I have no need to admire the scenery.

Many of the other players whom you might encounter also feel how I do.

I often start the next pull before the current one is dead if I will not lose aggro and the healer has demonstrated no hardship.

I very seldom hear from other players; I suppose: I lead by example.
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90 Night Elf Druid
is a tank allowed to loot? yes. the tank is SUPPOSED to loot. the major problem is people got their heads in their buttholes that they are super impatient thus causing tanks unable to loot. I have the same problem people constantly rushing for me pulling mobs then telling me to tank it or telling me to pull bigger. wtf is the point of pulling more mobs if you can barely down the current ones fast enough? ontop of that im taking into consideration the healer. people get so cocky in this game and people wonder why no one wants to tank or heal. it's people like this that usually don't get into hardcore raiding guilds to begin with and if they do i doubt their part of the core raid group unless it's a 25m.

go at YOUR own pace. not what other people tell you to do. as a tank you are the leader. If people insist on pulling simply let them die. either that or they can simply leave. If people pull for me or taunt off i usually let them die because im tired of it. at least when i play DPS i pull what i can handle and kill on my own. that or i let the tank pull unless it's a miss target which happens once in a while.

i really don't loot mainly because people are super impatient i don't mind im not really after the gear or w.e. drops I can come back and solo them later if i want however i do realize i don't get much gold as i should have because of this. currently only got about 50gold at level 30. i should easily have at least 200 by now if i looted everything.
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95 Pandaren Monk
for a Warrior :l

1. "Hmm. I seem to have aggro on all these mobs, time to leap into that other pack ahead."




5. GOTO 1
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90 Human Death Knight
Lately i've been in groups where either people are retard and walk into mobs, or people think they seem to need to pull things for me.. ie: mobs that you normally DON'T pull like.. i saw a warrior literally use throw and pull mobs to us in Scarlet Cath, at the bottom part of the fountain, and then he ran up top while i picked up the crap he pulled, and pulled the monks as well and ran down for me to pick up those mobs for him - neither of which i wanted to actually.. pull.. - and i don't pull slowly..

So I just said screw it.. and left.

I hate when people make what should literally be a 5 minute - 5 pull instance into 20 minutes of actual work.
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