The grizzled old mage stomped furiously through the hallways of the building he'd rented in Stormwind. Threadbare carpets and cheap paintings did little to muffle the noise. He stormed up a set of rickety stairs and barged onto the second floor landing.

"You are addicted to war!" He bellowed, both agitated and concerned. His slippers caught on a loose splinter in the floorboards and, rather than knocking, Chenzen burst through the door to Ketyru's room. He caught a glimpse of her, surrounded by a column of water, before he was shoved back and the door slammed in his face. He could hear the rumbling of her Earth Elemental on the other side.

"Chenzen! You were supposed to be at a conference in Dalaran this week!"

Chen's wrinkled face heated with fury and embarrassment. "I decided to come home early. I've no more love for that wretched place now that young Jaina is in command. But that is beyond the matter!" He blustered. "What has happened to you, you foolish child?"

Broxigaar, her little wyvern cub, peeked out from under an end table. His fur was ruffled and he seemed in a state of shock. Chenzen scooped the cub into his arms and righted himself. "It is not like you to shut out your cub. What happened? Why are my floors filthy with blood and Fel magics?"

There was a splash (lovely, the kitchen fire would be out again) and he could hear Ketyru dashing about. He could hear her speaking, though the words were lost on him. The door shuddered for a moment, then open a crack, revealing Ket's face. Bruises colored her already unusual skin a deep black. There were still more scars than wounds, and Chenzen took some comfort in that.

"What happened to you? I though your note said you were only traveling south to the Bay!"

Ket nodded. She had only joined the caravan to show a new student how varied the lands could be. He had really needed to get out and about. And everything had been fine...until those thrice be-damned bandits attacked them in search of booze!
"I'm fine. Just a few cuts and scratches, they will heal. It is nothing," She winced at the look in Chenzen's eyes. "I will heal, as I always do."

With a huff, the old man walked back down the stairs, Brox yowling in his arms. She could hear him cursing the mess she'd made of the house. Ket turned and looked at herself in the broken looking-glass. Her scars stood out, a pale lilac against her brownish-purple skin. She was covered in cuts and bruises. Most were small, a hazard of the jungle terrain. The puncture wound on her side was still the worst. She cocked her hips to get a better look. Yes, it was festering... She cursed her weakness to poisons.

Sighing, Ket stepped back into the column of Water she'd summoned. The others had been dismissed, and she was too miserable to call them back. She hissed as her wounds were cleaned, but kept her focus from wavering. Profanity poured from her lips in a murmur as she turned her attention to her side. Even the raking on her chest didn't hurt as much.

Maybe Chen was right... Joining the caravan had been reckless. She wanted a quiet life now...didn't she? To have all the things her Papa had shown her. Family. Love. A home...

Maybe she really was addicted to war...

Something flickered in her eyes and she turned away from the looking-glass. Maybe it wasn't entirely her own fault if she was...

((Chenzen used with permission from his owner who, sadly, can no longer play. This is Ket's follow up to Sunday's caravan event. Thanks for all the fun everyone!))