The Value of Preemptive healing

90 Worgen Druid
It goes without saying that being able to prevent damage before its even taken is insanely useful. at the moment this ability is available to 2 of the 5 healing specs:
Priests Actively with Spirit shell and Power Word: Shield. as well as passivly with Divine Aegis
as well as Paladins Passively with Illuminated healing (~30% of healing into a shield in TOT Gear)

this allows these 2 classes to effectively PREEMPTIVELY heal incoming damage in the case of the priest both actively with shields and passively with their mastery. allowing them to heal incoming damage before it actually hits. leading to the other benefit of preemptive healing

Increasing the raids effective health.
someone who has 500k hp and a 100k shield effectively has 120% hp. allowing them to survive where other healers cannot.

if a group has 500k hp and is going to take a 500k damage hit only 3 of the 5 healing classes can keep that group alive. Priests and paladins by preemptively healing the group with bubbles and shamans via ancestral vigor who can increase the groups effective health by literally increasing the groups max health with Ancestral vigor. which leads to the other 2 healing classes being generally inferior in most PVE situations.

druids and monks have little to no ability to prepare a group/raid for incoming damage. they can only heal the raid after the damage hits. leading to a further advantage of preemptive healing.

as healers get better gear and absorbs become a larger portion of healing done, classes without absorbs will perform less favorably druids/monks/shamans can only heal damage that is taken. i cannot describe how annoying and disheartening it is to see a massive 100k+ aoe damage hit the raid, no one's healthbars move and the 2 priests and paladins rocket up the healing done chart. and as they become better geared that disparity will only become greater.

overall the output of the healing classes seems fairly similar with shamans being low but bringing extremely valuable raid cooldowns/ AV however the fact that 2 classes can heal before damage is taken gives them a definite advantage in todays raiding environment.

Absorbs are Very powerful but only available to priests and paladins
Absorbs allow classes to heal before other classes
As people get more geared this disparity will become more pronounced as a larger portion of incoming damage is absorbed instead of healed.
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90 Human Paladin
This expac is a lost cause. All you can hope for is a complete redesign and great squish next expac.
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90 Worgen Druid
i see 2 ways to resolve this issue

1. give all classes some kind of preemptive healing, which adds to homogenization

2. make absorb mechanics absorb a percentage of incoming damage instead all of it
I.E. bubble absorbs part of incoming damage hits until the shield is depleted absorbing the same amount of damage overall just over time instead of upfront.
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90 Human Paladin
04/25/2013 06:12 AMPosted by Rusek
give all classes some kind of preemptive healing,

That would be terrible. Personally i'd rather see all absorbs less pw:s removed from the game entirely. Though i'd be okay with DA being left in it's current state. Go back to healing as opposed to preventing healing from being needed.
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90 Worgen Druid
yea i have no desire for more absorb mechanics
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100 Tauren Druid
Absorbs are fine IMO when they are single-target and the player has to cast them.

When you have AoE absorbs happening as a side-effect afterthought for the person playing, while also accounting for the majority of their "healing" done, that's a problem.
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90 Undead Priest
The concept of absorbs is supposed to have a downside... Actual raw healing throughput.

Disc for example, is completely gimped at this (and it's why top priests duel spec holy for some fights).
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90 Troll Priest
While I agree with you that absorbs need some looking at, and probably didn't come out as blizzard intended, here is what you have to consider:

On a challenging fight, damage is constantly going out and almost every single gcd is being used.

So it's not like people are standing around doing nothing, and occasionally a huge damage spike will go out that could be shielded. If this were the case then absorb classes would be much more viable.

Instead damage is always going out, so as long as there isn't a mechanic that one shots people, the HPS is really whats ultimately more important than the ability to give people extra hitpoints.

Don't get me wrong, an extra health buffer is nice, but if your HPS is low and you're never able to top people off because of the damage coming in, then you'll never be able to take advantage of it.

This is why the best healing teams include good HPS healers and a few absorb healers. Still not exactly balanced in blizzard's one class can do everything philosophy, but not as OP as you might assume.

I would imagine that 10 man healing teams without a priest or pally would be pretty rough though. Or even worse 10 man teams with only pally's and disc priests. At least priests can go holy to get the HPS boost if that were the case.
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100 Blood Elf Priest
The concept of absorbs is supposed to have a downside... Actual raw healing throughput.

Disc for example, is completely gimped at this (and it's why top priests duel spec holy for some fights).

I was pushing this point in another thread, but what people don't seem to realize is disadvantage is real. I have gone holy multiple progression fights because disc's output just wasn't cutting it.
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90 Worgen Druid
theres a significant different that a classes effective max HPS and what you can actually pull in raid.
so many fights are about specific points of large damage.

Jinrok, static burst
Horridon direcall
Tortos quake stomp
megeara rampage
jikun quills
animus swap and jolt
Qon with many many abilities
twins with stars
leshen thunderstuck

these are abilities that if you have absorbs. or rather the ability to preheal, you can anticipate these moves and mitigate the damage the raid takes.

this ability is not available to all healing specs

effective healing comes into play in fights there the raid is rarely topped, but that is a rarity, there are definitely times of high damage where absorbs are burned though. but even in those instances, the absorbs get to heal first. if they hold through the damage (Dire call great example) then the classes that only have reactive healing are far less valuable.
and again as people get better and better gear, the amount of damage that cannot be absorbed will grow smaller and smaller. and the classes that cant absorb damage will do worse and worse.

even at the end of 5.1 you roll into MSV/HOF with 2 disc priests and a holy paladin or 2 and 75%+ of healing is done by absorbs

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90 Worgen Druid
fights like heroic tortos can show off max effective hps building the shields and such clearly shows that max hps currently is ~ monk>druid>paladin>priest>shaman

ballpark guess sorry if the bottom few are mixed up

but it also shows the power of absorbs that even tho these classes have such a high HPS capability they cannot compete with absorb classes on most fights
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90 Human Priest
You keep your hots up, i'll keep my shields up.

Let's work together, not against eachother.

I do not think any changes need to be made.
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90 Night Elf Priest
The concept of absorbs is supposed to have a downside... Actual raw healing throughput.

Disc for example, is completely gimped at this (and it's why top priests duel spec holy for some fights).

I was pushing this point in another thread, but what people don't seem to realize is disadvantage is real. I have gone holy multiple progression fights because disc's output just wasn't cutting it.

It is decidedly "feelable" when underhealing fights as well. I recently 2 healed Durumu and Primordius with a holy priest. Primoridus especially pointed out the big gaping flaw in my preemptive healing. When my shields burst, and I'm on CD-- atonement won't bring anyone up quickly. ONe has to build AA up, use PoM/Cascade/PoH to try and bring people up. It's neither quick or efficient. The holy priest kicked my butt in those fights.

You've mentioned before the invalidity of other classes due to over-healing on fights, and I completely agree.
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100 Night Elf Druid
For the duration of ToT thus far our small guilds 10 man has been "absorbless" for the most part. We run with Druid, Monk, Shaman and it is incredibly obvious to us all the value of absorbs in this setting.

On the few occasions one of the three of us has been out for the evening our shadow priest has stepped in with his disc spec and really changed the landscape of healing in our raids, but it isn't manditory to have (just easier with) an absorb healer.

The thing to really consider if you do run with an absorb healer (this comes down to your raid leader, guild, and own reasons) is why are you getting crushed on healing done and are you useful and effectively contributing to a kill? If there is no reason to have you healing then why not sit the healer, add DPS, or have them use a DPS offspec and get a faster more efficient kill? (Team player > whiny "I ONLY heal" healer)

If a Disc Priest or Holy Paladin remains "way out ahead" even after such a reduction in quantity of healers is made it may be time to look in the mirror a little harder and ask "was the absorb ever really the problem?" If you're certain that's not the case chances are good you're well past time to move on from the content in which you're obtaining such results.

End of the day it's a balance. Disc's output is not that of the leather classes, but it does have it's great strength in absorbs. Holy's AoE is situationally strong, but again not that of the leather classes. Shaman really do have the short end of the stick, but bring such strong cooldowns that otherwise compensate.
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100 Blood Elf Priest
You forgot Purification. While 10% of the target's health is less than you're likely to see with Discipline Priest/Holy Paladin, it's still pre-emptive healing.
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