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Don't shoot me down immediately but here's an idea that I had. Currently as a 10m I know a lot of guilds are struggling. The sad truth is Borean Tundra is such a small realm now on the horde side that there are many guilds that are trying to be raiding guilds, without the talent for them all to be as successful. What I'm wondering is if there's some way for communication to take place between raid/guild leaders to form an incredible raiding group. The downside is that it wouldn't be under a 'guild' so there wouldn't be guild achievements.

What I'm trying to do is get a collaboration of a few different guilds, their absolute best raiders, to form a non-guild raiding group for progression. There would be a strict no-poaching policy and we can talk about raid times/days etc.

If any guild/raid leaders are seeing this and are interested, contact me. Either in-game or on here. Also if any outstanding individuals want to raid but don't want to leave their guild, likewise contact me. We're going for the best 10 on the realm. My guild puts forward 4, possibly 5 solid raiders who are absolutely outstanding right now.

We need other raiders who are amazing individuals, rather than if one of them dies thinking "oh, it's a wipe now". Raiders who understand mechanics. Raiders who can get creative. Raiders who we can count on, who want to push the limits and strive in a realm that is struggling to progress (with the exception of Catalyst on horde side).

Anybody, raid leader, GM or amazing raider, contact me and let's work something out. Let's put the guild bias aside to progress.
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This is Hiro approved.
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Much love <3
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It'd be smarter just to absorb/merge/poach but thats just me.

If you need a some times dps hit me up
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LOL Now he says something....! When I am not raiding I can bring my heals (Neddevine)
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LOL Now he says something....! When I am not raiding I can bring my heals (Neddevine)

Alliance, go jump off a face and make pancakes
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Well.. you could always work at <Sharon's Cafe> :D

** <Sharon's Cafe>, <Sharon's Supermarket> <Sharon's Empire Co.> might close down permanently due to 5.3 PvP changes.**
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might close down permanently due to 5.3 PvP changes.**

Some one is afraid of change
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