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100 Pandaren Priest
Hello all, I have 11 90's on this server been here since Vanilla, and dont really want to go anywhere else, have many friends on this server and in RL. I am looking to get either my Shadow Priest, Arms Warrior, or Survival Hunter into a normal raiding guild getting quite sick of Raid Finder and want some actual accomplishment. I would like to stay strictly to my shadow priest but I am listing my 3 most geared for a variety if your team needs one of the 3. My hours of availability would be from 2:30pm-10pm CST. I have experience in all raiding environments, all fights, and always have consumables, feasts, whatever the case may be. I am 27 years old, work a full time job and am getting married in a few months. If you are interested in speaking with me please send me a tell in game, a mail in game, or reply to this forum post my warriors name is Htcforlife, hunter is Snipedathoe. Thanks I look forward to the replies!
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100 Human Warrior
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55 Undead Death Knight
You Lie, This server was not around in vanilla so sorry.
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90 Pandaren Monk
You Lie, This server was not around in vanilla so sorry.

very true, this server opened with TBC.
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3 Night Elf Warrior
Ragnarrokk/ "Yodaz", shush. You're missing the point. He wants to raid. He's not changing servers, and that's the main subject. Nitpicking timelines is basically missing the forest for the trees.

From personal experience, he's a good guy to hang out with, and helpful around the guild. The few times I've grouped with him, he's held his own.
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100 Human Warrior
Sigh, thanks Tal. Yeah true I transferred from Turaylon with Eve Of Destruction wayyyy back in the day so sorry.
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90 Human Priest
Hi! I think you would be a great match for our guild! We are expanding our guild to start going into ToT. Most of our guild members have been in the guild for years and everyone is very welcoming to new members. We are a very laid back group, but know how to get serious when it's time to raid. We are Age 17+ group with lots of women and men ( several married couples) and very low drama.

Battletag: Veranna#1906

Guild title: Relentless
Server: The Scryers
Website: www.Relentless-scryers.com
Level 25
Guild Founded: February 4, 2007
PvP: medium
PvE: high
RP: low
Communication Software: Mumble server

About Relentless:
We are a very close-knit group of people that love to do things together from questing to raiding to PvP. We realize the importance of the world outside of the game, and enjoy the escape from real life that WoW provides. We are a DRAMA FREE guild!

Recruiting Status:
Recruitment is currently open to all classes and if you are interested in joining Relentless, please post your application and we will review and reach out.

Recruiting requirements:
17+ ; Good typing skills ; maturity ; ability to interact comfortably with other guild members ; own Mists of Pandaria. There is an interview process with the recruiting officer and possibly another guild member; interview process must be passed prior to being accepted to the guild.

We currently are running 10 man raids and hope to expand our guild to make 25 man raiding possible. We’ve begun doing heroic dungeon and scenario runs and occasional challenge mode runs. Friday Fun runs and other guild events will be posted again soon.

Outside of raiding, we team up for questing/group questing and assist each whenever possible. With the new guild leveling in place, we are always working towards some achievement and means of leveling up as a team!

Though we are not primarily a PvP guild, many of our members are on arena teams and PvP consistently. These events will be posted to the raid signup page.

We have an RP channel, relentlessrp, and blogs available on our site for everyone who wants to participate in RP. The blogs are intended for in-character journaling and the continuation and fostering of RP stories.

Guild Chat is considered OOC, and the RP channel is used for constant role-playing. You do not have to role-play to be in Relentless, but you must follow the server rules.

We have general guild rules to follow and more specific rules for raiding on our website.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Recruiting/Orientation Officer
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