Changes you would like to see to your spec

100 Human Mage
1. Remove the CD on Arcane Barrage. The spell, being cast at 0 stacks is all by itself, not great, and would be a good thing for arcane mages on the move, or at least better than nothing. As it is, Arcane barrage is not a desirable spell to cast, but it should be made desirable. With 4 stacks on it, it should have the casting desirability of a fire mage casting pyroblast.

2. Rune of Power lasts 10 minutes, can have 3 placed at once. I don't personally use RoP, but if I was going to even consider it, it would have to last a lot longer.

3. I liked the old Glyph of Fire Blast. Not sure why it was removed, but for nether tempest, make a glyph that would do the same thing for nether tempest when fire blasting a target with it active on it. And extend the range of fire blast to 40 yards, too.

4. Create a minor glyph that makes casting Blink accelerate the mage like the talent in Cataclysm did. Or just make it a talent associated with all mages.

5. Make mirror images copy whatever the caster is using, short of the CD's.

6. Make Arcane explosion able to target other targets, namely enemies....or friendlies, like mind sear does. or if nothing else, make only arcane mages able to do this /shrug.
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At this point they need to decide what the heck they want Arcane to be and do a complete reset on it. I'd like it to be something other jant just a gimmick.
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100 Worgen Mage
Glyph changes:

Every raiding frost mage uses:
1. Glyph of Water Elemental - mandatory so elemental doesn't just sit in place. The AI is pretty stupid and this glyph is required to fix it.
2. Glyph of Ice Lance - mandatory for trash and any multitarget fight. The cleave is a huge portion of our damage output on such fights.
3. Glyph of Icy Veins - mandatory if you stack haste which every frost mage does.

Unfortunately, since all 3 glyph slots are taken there isn't any room for optional fun glyphs. This seems against Blizzard's stated design philosophy.

Also, the glyphed water elemental is obnoxiously large. Rather than making the water elemental bigger, it would be better if it stayed small, but the artwork changed. Perhaps the glyphed version could have more armor.
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90 Worgen Mage
Take the bombs off the talent tree and put them directly into the specs. Move our current lvl 90 maintenance talents down to lvl 75 and give us something actually awesome for our last talent tier.

Make the AoE/Cleave damage from bombs weaker than our actual AoE spells (Blizzard/Flamestrike/Arcane Explosion) and make said AoE spells actually fun to cast.
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90 Human Mage
New lvl 90 talent :

Cataclysm: The Mage cast a cataclysm that kills every other class in a infinite radius around the mage. Goes through immunity, ghost form and happy panda dance mode.

On a serious note:

-Tier 1-
Ice flow: Since it has charges, make it unlimited time. Dont make a "lookalike" Spiritwalker's Grace for mage. If u want to keep it distinct and viable, make it unlimited time and CD start when last charge is used. If the mage is not moving, it doesn't consume any charges,
PoM and BzS are fine.

-Tier 2-
Flameglow is perfect, not OP and not under powered. Ice barrier always has been good. Only Temporal Shield needs to be improved a bit for PvP if we want people to not only use IB.

- Make the shield and the ripple undispellable.
- Make Temporal shield like the Brewmaster Mastery: 50% of the damage received during the Shield period will be transfered over 6 seconds after the shield ends.

-Tier 3-
Ice Ward and Frostjaw are the less used talents in my opinion. Either rework them or bring new ones.
This could be a good tier where to bring back the old Blast Wave since its the "Control" tier in my opinion.

Frostjaw is poor due to it sharing DR with other frost snares. Mostly good for non-frost mage who do not have access to instant Deep Freeze via FoF.
Ice Ward does nto share DR with other freeeze, which is nice. I dunno why I rarely use it, maybe because i prefer to avoid dmg in pvp then getting hit. It's basically a spells against melee and I do not have problems getting away from melees.

Replacement Suggestions:
- Blast Wave. 35 seconds CD. Instant cast. 30 yards. On choosen location. Drops an intensive heat wave on the targeted area (7 yard radius) which deals X amount of damage and daze the ennemy targets caught within it for 3 seconds.

-Distortion Wave. 1 minute CD. 1 second cast. The mage emits an arcane wave that distorts the space around her. Any ennemy cought in it is pushed (not knockback) 10 yards away and stunned for 2 seconds. (Shouldn't be a knockback, just push the target away, if there is a cliff its not pushed further than the cliff's edge).

-Tier 4-

Cold Snap and Cauterize are both fine as they are. Only Greater Invisibility needs to be reworked.

My suggestion:
- Greater Invisibility: Instant. 2 minutes CD. 20 seconds duration. Removes all damage over time effect and run speed is increased by 40% during the effect. Reduce damage taken while invisible by 90% and for 5 seconds after the effect.

The actual Glyph of Invisibility would be baseline for Invisibility and Greater Invisbility.
- Glyph of Phased Invisibility: When you enter an Invisibility state, you become phased out and every attacks done to you will miss. Invisibility's duration is reduced by half.

-Tier 5-

The ideas are great, just need a bit of reworking. Living bomb should stay as the bomb for 3-8 targets, NT for 1-2 targets and Frost bomb for 8+.

-Living Bomb can only be placed on 1 target but everytime the target gets hit by a Frostbolt, Frostfire Bolt, Fireball, Pyroblast, Arcane Barrage or Arcane Blast, it spreads it to a nearby target within 10 yards, up to 3 additional targets. The main Living Bomb would explode after 20 seconds while those applied via cleave would explode after 10 seconds. Can only have 1 main Living bomb and 3 smaller ones active.

-Frost Bomb damage on the main target should be lowered by 30% and the damage of the explosion increased by 10%. Ennemies hit by Frost Bomb (even raid bosses) would be considered as frozen and slowed by 60% for 4 seconds. 15 seconds cooldown and 4 seconds countdown. Both affected by haste.

-Tier 6-
Incanter's ward is easy to manage

-Molten Rune. Instant cast. Last 10 seconds. 2 minutes Cooldown. Place down a Molten Rune at the mage location which empower the mage standing in it. When standing in the rune, the mage receives Molten Empowerment every time an offensive spell is completly casts, up to 3 stacks (instant cast spells and healing WE with frostbolt do not give any Fire Empowerment).
Molten Empowerment. Takes effect when Burning Rune dissapear. Last until fully used. Increases the critical damage of the next spell which will critical hit by 30%.

-Permafrozen. Instant cast. 4 minutes CD. The mage enter a states of frozen power. For the next 10 seconds, every spell will automatically critical hit their target. During Permafrozen state, Critical Hit Rating is converted into increased damage to every spells (e.g. 10% crit = 10% increased damage). When Permafrozen ends, the mage suffers from frostbite effect, reducing critical hit chance by 100% for 15 seconds.
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90 Undead Mage
You guys have awesome ideas.
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90 Troll Mage
Make combustion 100% of our ignite again but limit the damage to three targets

I like this one (im a pvper btw)

04/26/2013 12:50 AMPosted by Yanzina
everytime you don't crit with your fireball you gain 3% crit chance for Fireball

This is ok too, something needs to be done about fireball and frostfire bolt as they apply to and synergize with fire spec...coz they really aren't competing well with pyro/LB/scorch/combustion. There is no reward for taking the risk to full cast as a fire mage.

I would like to see Ice Barrier change accordingly with the...spec I am in...a little aesthetic thing that bugs me.

I think this would be nice.

Instant Flamestrike again would be nice

It would be nice, and even tho its good to have the doesn't even need it imo, if it did good damage, being instant cast would make it fully usable in pvp again.

04/29/2013 01:10 AMPosted by Trishtan
Hell, no cast time on anything. I hate cast time. This is a pipe dream, I know.

Its not a pipe dream imo Trish...with the amount of lockdown/interrupt in the game...there needs to be more reward for doing a 2+ sec cast...otherwise those spells will hardly be cast in pvp. PvE is different...but still.
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90 Troll Mage
Take the bombs off the talent tree and put them directly into the specs. Move our current lvl 90 maintenance talents down to lvl 75 and give us something actually awesome for our last talent tier.Make the AoE/Cleave damage from bombs weaker than our actual AoE spells (Blizzard/Flamestrike/Arcane Explosion) and make said AoE spells actually fun to cast.

This is a great suggestion.
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Get your pvp out of my pve thread. QQ in pvp ruined the Mage class.
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90 Undead Mage
I just want blizz to take the "bust" out of post 5.1 Combustion and actually have it be an ability you look forward to casting again when the exact time is right instead of something you just cast on CD like a trained chimp because it doesn't really matter anymore.

Make inferno blast spread LB, Combust and Ignite to multiple targets again and basically return fire to being a fun spec that requires some thought and a keen sense of timing.

Essentially, give me back my Cata fire mage that you ruined in Mop.
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90 Worgen Mage
I completely agree with you Grimsheeper. Fire was so much fun in Cata and now feels like a hollow shell of what it was.
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100 Troll Mage
I just want blizz to take the "bust" out of post 5.1 Combustion and actually have it be an ability you look forward to casting again when the exact time is right instead of something you just cast on CD like a trained chimp because it doesn't really matter anymore.

Make inferno blast spread LB, Combust and Ignite to multiple targets again and basically return fire to being a fun spec that requires some thought and a keen sense of timing.

Essentially, give me back my Cata fire mage that you ruined in Mop.

I think you're willfully ignoring the problems with the Cataclysm model of infinite Combustion spread.

Part of the problem is, while the sustained cleave AoE we had was powerful, I would argue it was too powerful. If you raided in Cataclysm, you surely remember fights like Halfus, heroic Maloriak, Yor'sahj, and the like, where we were absolutely uncontested for the top spot on the meter because we had an overpowered ability. In fact, I think only combat rogues came anywhere near us in cleave potential. It made those fights an absolute joke.

No matter how fun it was, I don't want it back because, for one, those kinds of fights are seldom designed now. Having it up on five targets is typically more than enough, much easier to balance around, and actually puts cleaving, particularly sustained cleave, into its own niche where it's better than pure AoE in some circumstances. I'd rather be balanced around that.

Oh, and if you're using Combustion on cooldown because you can, you're not maximizing your DPS. That argument assumes you can just push it on cooldown and rise to the top of the meters with no effort. I could only dream of it being that easy.
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90 Troll Mage
Having it up on five targets is typically more than enough, much easier to balance around, and actually puts cleaving, particularly sustained cleave, into its own niche where it's better than pure AoE in some circumstances. I'd rather be balanced around that.

I don't mind fire pve having if a statement was made saying that the current combustion dot spreading was for pve and the stun/hot streak utility was for pvp.../dealwithit and in pvp is gonna get a more usable flame strike to offset...then Id be placated.

But fire pvp aoe is sad. I might feel like a hero for combustion dot spreading to a hunters menagerie..but thats just padding, im not kidding myself. In pvp combustion has been gimped so the stun/hot streak thing is the main reason. And for aoe...theres more value in the pyro dot, LB explosion (which is getting nerfed anyway) and glyphed cone of fire pvp ends up kinda screwed.

Theres room for improvement.

They could've brought back LB spreading, but now they are trying to make it copy NT, which doesn't make a lot of sense to me...even tho I understand the motivation.

Blizz needs to listen to the community, they prevaricate too much...people constantly say they want blast wave back, they want LB spreading, they want fireball/ffb dry spells to be remedied and they want level 90 tier modified...Blizz should just do it in appropriate ways and stop trying to think of everything themselves...the community does have genuinely good ideas.
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Frost: I like that it is a proc-based spec. However, I want to see less dependency on the water elemental. Many mages do not like it at all and wish we just had our own freeze with a buff to one of our damaging spells instead with a glyph. It's useful in PVP but in PVE it's just an annoyance.

I would ideally like frost to be more reactive. We have strong burst periods but outside of that, we lack sustained DPS compared to other classes. Couple that with the fact that we do not have an execute of any sort, we plummet in DPS when the boss is at around 20~35% HP where other classes are able to use their execute abilities. I would also like to be able to hold onto two procs of brain freeze. Right now, NT can proc brain freeze so fast (just like frozen orb can proc FoF so fast) that it is impossible to expend them faster than they pile up, leading to a loss of DPS.

Invoker's energy should probably last twice (if not three times) as long. Quite annoying refreshing it every minute or so.

Other than that, frost has it pretty good. We could use less reliance on NT multidotting but that may come in 5.3.

Arcane: Probably needs the most work out of the 3. Currently arcane as simplistic as simplistic can get. The rotation takes no skill and doesn't really require much attention. They took one of the more intricate rotations in the game (for casters) and butchered it with the removal of scorch. Since ToT is movement-heavy, we really do need something like scorch back.

I would recommend changes like letting us cast arcane blast or missiles on the move. If they don't want us to use filler spells like scorch, then allow us movement with our base spells. Treat it like the warlock talents: every time you cast and move, your total movement speed decreases.

I have been thinking but as it stands right now, our mastery is no good. Mana adept served its purpose in 5.1 but now maintaining >80% mana, while viable, is just a pain. Doing less DPS as you cast more is just a horrible design as it is. The mastery should be more akin what fire and frost have. I would recommend a straight damage buff to barrage to make it worth casting outside of dumping charges.

If slow worked on more mobs, that'd also be great. Arcane glyphs have much to be desired.

Rune of Power is such a horribly designed talent. Its radius alone makes me cringe. I needs to be amplified 5 fold at least. This reduces the requirement of having tools to deal with heavy movement on arcane if we just have to switch to another section of our RoP.

RoP could also use some tweaks. The health gain probably should be greater with evocation glyphed. I would honestly like to see it add buffs to other classes who stand in our rune as well but don't see that happening anytime soon.

Fire: I don't know much about this spec but I do know that it is too reliant on crit. Someone a while back recommended a fix: for every spell you do not crit on, your chance to crit is increased on the next spell cast. This alleviates some of the stress of needing high end gear with lots of crit to see returns on fire but doesn't completely rule out the high crit builds.

Again, would need more input on the fire side as I don't play it.
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Interesting ideas, give us back Blastwave

THIS (the ORIGINAL blastwave too)

and why did they ever put a cast time and a CD on flamestrike? I could maybe understand if it was "potent" AOE or something.

and why did RoF for warlocks get insta-cast without channelling while I still gotta stand there and channel blizzard....strange imo, not saying I want insta-cast blizzard, but why did warlocks get that? Fire mages should have RoF anyway....not warlocks ;)

and change inferno blast to spread LB again ffs?

It sure seems to me that things keep getting more complicated, without the need for it to be. I know it will never ever happen, but I miss the simplicity of vanilla - where everyone had a specific "job", each class had some unique and special abilities. I miss the necessity of diversity. Its gone, I know.....I just miss it.
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90 Human Mage
I don't know what to say. Currently, mages are the BEST dps of the game! but i admit that I hate the talents.
See for yourselves the dps rankings at noxxic

Anyways, fire is horrible compared to frost or arcane in pve, and it needs the best in slot gear to actually do dmg (because it relies on crit). so the suggestion
everytime you don't crit with your fireball you gain 3% crit chance for Fireball

would make fire a lot more efficient (especially in PvP, where everyone breaks ur roots)
Frost is freaking amazing, it's always been good in pvp and now it rules in pve as well, it needs no changes other than making the glyph of water elemental baseline. WE is only used for the freeze effect unless u use the glyph, and even when u have the glyph, our WE gets all weird when it casts and ur moving backwards or sideways.
Arcane scales pretty good with gear, but it lacks so much mobility that is almost not viable in pvp, and with the new raid encounters full of movement, arcane is basically useless. IMO, arcanes charges shouldn't have a duration. They should b permanent until u launch ur barrage. I hate having to start building charges all over again everytime I kill a mob or a player.
Now with the talents, they r really bad. Most of them suck compared to what other classes have but since we r top dps I should not complain. IMO, there should be arcane, a fire and a frost talent in every tier. I really like Mystikia's ideas above, from what she said these r the ones I think r my opinions:
Tier 1
Ice flows should only have either charges or a duration. Not both at the same time.
Tier 2
Temporal shield has great synergies with cauterize, if u pop it the moment u cauterize u literally get an instant 60% hp heal. It just requires PERFECT timing. and since it's off the GCD u can macro it with Incanter's absorption. i think it's pretty good the way it is but i hate when it gets dispelled.
Flameglow is the newbie talent. The other to are absorb a lot more dmg, but if u forget to cast ur shield on cd, then ur better off with this crap
Hands down, Ice Barrier is a no brainer.
Tier 3
all these talents r frost based and i wish there was one arcane (something like the Wave of Force of the diablo 3 wizard) and one fire (of course, our beloved Blast Wave, RIP)
Anyways, ice ward is another newbie talent that actually sucks (real hard!!!) and it's nothing comparable with the other 2.
Frostjaw is REQUIRED for fire mages if u wanna get any pyroblast! procs, specially on pvp or solo. and even then, u have to instantly Deep freeze or someone will break it. (recomend macroing them together)
Ring of frost is the best in most situations. Great cc and it gives u one free crit.
Tier 4
Greater Invisibility should clear ALL dots, like ice block does, not just 2. and it should also increase ur movement speed. Everytime I use this talent I have to also glyph it! it's just not fair to lose one glyph slot for the worst talent in that tier.
Tier 5
I LOVE the bombs! and since this is our only dps changing tier and we r currently top dps, I wish no change for them.
Tier 6
WTF is this blizz???!!! These talents suck!!!
first off, i wish we had a fire and a frost version of this tier. and second, wtf were u thinking when u made them.
Invocation is the best dps buff out of the 3 but is annoying as hell to keep applied, especially in pvp! one reason is because Ice flows has no effect over it, even though its cast time is roughly 2.5 secs. And i say "cast time" because it is not actually channeled, u only get the benefits at the end of the cast, not like the "non-talented" version of it (which actually heals a lot more when glyphed).
Rune of power is awful and only useful for the static arcane mages because it helps them keep their mana up with no efforts, other than castin the rune every minute. and even for the, it's only viable on boss fights where u don't have to move (basically never). just the fact that they have a duration and u can only have 2, SUCKS!!! please take that thing of my lvl 90 talents, why was it ever invented? Invocation is usually better.
Incanter's ward, our new mana shield (that works backwards) instead of loosing mana u gain it. pretty cool, if it wasn't for the fact that it can only absorb a certain amount of dmg and never lasts its full duration.
PLEASE fix those talents, warlocks have kil'jaedan, warrs have avatar, priest have halo and... we got... these? FML!
aside from that, the only other thing that I'd like from mages would b to make frostfire a separate school of magic. mop gave us the ability to cast living bomb when we r locked out of frost, or frost bomb when we r locked out of fire, but if we r casting frostfire bolt and we get interrupted we cant do anything for 7secs. That's too much! I appreciate the glyph of frostfire bolt for fire mages, but we r giving away a glyph slot for a snare and the ability to get silenced every 5 secs. it's just not worth it, I'm just obsessed with that ability and I chose to run the risk, but I know it's a bad choice. anyways, just my 2 cents
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Change back to were living bomb is spread by inferno blast.

Yes please!
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100 Draenei Mage
I would like to see Pyroblast! reintroduced as the spell name/ID for Hot Streak procs.

My computer is unfortunately nearly 7 years old and I'm not eyeing a replacement very soon (AMD Radeon 2600 4life!) and some encounters I get very low fps at moments or input delays, and there's nothing more annoying that starting to hard cast a Pyroblast.

That's one of the things I really find myself missing. Other than Blast Wave.
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100 Blood Elf Mage
[Glyph of Winter's Chill]

Your Frostbolt now stacks up to 5 but its cast time is increased by 0.5 second.

It is a bandage fix to Frostbolt dropping below 1 second cast for PvE. It's practically useless in PvP since it's dispellable and required to stack up to 5 for full effect.

Ice Floes - Redesigned
Allows you to move while casting the next Mage spell that have a base cast or channel time less than 4 seconds. Completing a cast while moving will remove an Ice Floes charge. You gain a charge every 20 seconds. You can only have up to two charges at a time.

This is a QoL change. You can now move out of puddles without worrying about activating Ice Floes and wasting the second charge (since you only need to finish your cast once when moving out of puddles).

I feel like Water Elemental needs to do something more than just a Water Bolt bot. Here's my suggestion:

Water Elemental can now cast Water Bolt on the Mage to gain additional effects:

No T2 talent activated: Water Bolt now heals for XX when cast on the mage.

With Temporal Shield: When cast on the Mage while under Temporal Shield effect, Water Bolt now extends the duration of Temporal Shield by 1 second.

With Flame Glow: Water Bolt now put a Steam Shield on the Mage when casts on him/her. Steam Shield cause the next two attacks up to miss against the Mage. Flame Glow is put under 1 minute cool down when Steam Shield is triggered. The Mage must be under Flame Glow's effect to gain Steam Shield.

With Ice Barrier: Water Bolt now increase the damage absorb of Ice Barrier by XX up to 200% of Ice Barrier's original absorb. Cannot happen out of combat.
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