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95 Pandaren Monk
Hello, all. I recently transferred to Whisperwind after leaving my old server of Durotan (Horde). It was dying, alas, and the server I have spent 8 years on was left behind. I transferred first to Stormrage, but OI! the queue times that came after the patch dropped were not tolerable. I have been on Whisperwind for a while now, taking a break from raiding.

But I am not ready to hop back on the horse. I have only ever raided with my guild of 7 years on Durotan, so I am sort of new to the whole looking for a guild thing. So please bear with me (pardon the Pandaren pun).

Chuin here is my main, but I also have a 90 warrior (Khazzon@durotan) and a 90 Hunter (Kharros@Stormrage) that I would have available if that would suit some guild better. As well as a host of 85-88 that could quickly be leveled and geared (working on my shaman right now, Angbron@durotan).

What I am looking for in a guild is one that raids two nights a week, takes it seriously while raiding, but is not pushing for Server rankings. Also, and unfortunately this is a big hang up, I need to be done by 10:00pm server time, as I do have to get up and work the next day and live in EST. I also the father of two young boys and you never know when one is going to come into the computer room at 9:30 at night saying he had a nightmare!

I am willing to go on a test run (brewmaster is my main job, but can also do windwalker. Healing is just not my bag, I am afraid, but can do it in a pinch) and would love to talk to some people that might push me in the right direction of finding a guild. As I said, this is a lot like getting out dating again after having been married for 15 years, and I am a little timid about asking around.

Thanks for your time.


Oh, forgot, you can reach me at bythedar#1506

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90 Human Death Knight
That is unfortunate, you would fit in perfectly with us. Except for the raid times.

We raid from 8:30 server to 11:30 server (CST, or 9:30 to 12:30 EST) Two nights a week, serious raiding mentality without gauging your eyes off. Older folks with jobs and kids.

If your availability changes let us know.
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90 Human Paladin
If you are willing to run on Sundays, we would love to have you. We also recently tansferred here from a dead server and are actually looking for a non-pally tank to fill our 10m team. We take raiding seriously, having cleared all of Cata content before MoP, but with MoP our old server died and our raiding progression went that way as well.
So, we are doing a progression reset here on Whisperwind. Several members of our raid team wanted to change mains, including our main tank, so we're looking to fill that roll.
Hit me up ingame if you're interested. We raid Thursday/Sunday 730-10pm server. We also mostly live in EST, with kids and jobs. We understand how it goes.
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90 Draenei Priest
Stormrage does get a little crowded, especially on patch and reset days.

Well, first off, welcome to Whisperwind. Hopefully, this server will prove to be a good home for all of your toons.

And if you're still looking for a guild, Legends of Whisperwind could be the right fit. Here's a link to our Guild Leader's recruiting post


We raid on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 7:00pm - 10:00pm CST (Whisperwind server time).

If you'd like to see how well we fit with you and if Legends is the right fit for you, please, feel free to contact anyone with a <Legends of Whisperwind> tag over their heads and we'll be glad to direct you to one of our officers that could answer your questions for you.

And please, come join us on Wednesday nights at 7:00pm for our Throne of Thunder LFR night. This is a very relaxed event that gives everyone an opportunity to get to know one another in a normal environment without too much stress. It's an opportunity to see how we're like in /g and in vent and give you a sample of what our guild environment is like.

Look forward to seeing you on Whisperwind. Hope this server works out for you.

P.S. you should see some of the Pandaren puns in our guild roster, lol.
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90 Worgen Rogue
Hey Chuinshao, Kontrolled Khaos raids tues,thurs 6-9 server(cst). That's 7-10 est.

If you're interested contact myself (Sepi#1142) or Kapwned in game. Love to have you!!
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