LF n00b friendly guild

25 Human Warrior
I haven't played wow since like... 2006 and only for a little bit then so I'm pretty much fresh to the game.

Would like to find a guild to level with/help me out and eventually raid etc (and who won't laugh when I ask stupid questions. I'm not new to mmos or mmo mechanics, but I'm not familiar with wow terminology/best builds etc). I'm leveling a protection warrior (everbody loves tanks right?). I'm 26 and mature, have access to TS/mumble/Vent/etc. IGN is jimmyrustled or tag is bassderek#1387
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100 Troll Shaman
Hey man yah my guild would have no problem in helping you out ill be in touch tonight
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Tired of the preasure of being at your computer every night for a raid, and not even getting the chance to get in the fight?

Not into the stress of hard core raiding guilds but what to Raid non the less?

You want to PVP some days, and Raid on others?

Like xmog runs?

Still not 90?

Gnome Kickers is Recruiting, and we want you!

We are a level 25 casual guild of raiders who enjoy raiding, and all that comes with it! We dont treat our raiders like trash if they wipe the raid (unless thats your thing). No yelling, no condescending attitues. WoW is still a game, and we remember that.

Gnome Kickers provides all flasks and food to Raiders, and a guild bank for repairs!!!

When we arent raiding, we are diving into everything else WoW has to offer!

We've been around for a few years but are new to Ner'zhul as our last server pop was slowing fading. We are seeking like-minded individuals to advance with us through Mists and beyond!

We are looking for all Classes to reform our raiding Core as only a few raiders made the transfer.

Loot is Roll Main spec

Current Needs:

Tanks = High
RDPS= low
MDPS= Moderate

Since we are reforming we will be starting on normal 10m ToT. Our hopes are to eventually get back to 25man raiding.

Raid times are set for 7server, 10est Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday. These could be changing so If you would like to see a better time for you, please apply and make it known.

Stop in and say HI at our Website http://gnomekickers.guildomatic.com/(a new temp website until we are re-established)
BATTLE TAG Havoc#1574
OR find me here!

Look forward to hearing from you soon.
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