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32 Human Hunter
I am curious as to how active this server is as well as the world pvp. Also the ratio would be great as well. Thanks in advance!
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http://wow.realmpop.com/us-maelstrom.html (can see number of characters at what level)

http://www.wowprogress.com/pve/us/maelstrom (this is guild raid progress)

Horde side has more 90's and seems to be doing better at raiding then alliance.

If you world pvp the alliance have an easier time to finding targets. I personally do not encounter too much world pvp. Should ask some of the world pvp guilds on the realm for info on larger scale skirmish frequency.
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90 Night Elf Priest
We try but the horde are too dumbfounded that after 2 expansions of domination by their casual, short lived zergs that they boast about and even act nonchalant towards their opponents about it.
It's like they think they deserve to win without even trying, so what happens is our alliance guild goes looking for them everyday but all the horde can seem to do is stick their noses up at us as we drill em and kill em.
I used to be horde but the biggest guild on horde side doesn't take players back if they leave instead they all have grudges against each others guilds and the morale sucks too bad for people to party up for world pvp. I'm speaking about the biggest hinderance to world pvp on our server, Horde Strike Force.
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