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100 Human Priest
While running a heroic today I got chewed out by the healer for trying to dps as disc. They told me there is no way a disc can dps at all, and as I never actually played my shadow half that much they got all mad and turned on their shadow and told me well you heal then. Then when I changed to my healing bars complained I only did .2 percent of the damage, why they bothered with that when I was not longer even attacking the enemy, but trying to keep their close minded self alive, I don't know.

My smites hit for almost 30k each bolt, I saw a crit for 59. something K.
My smites hit for 23k? 24? It may be 22.
My pain hits I think for 9 or 10 on the first hit, I am to busy trying not to die to notice the ticks.
Solace being tossed is like 15?

I do Solace -> pain -> pennance -> smite till solace/pennance cools down and refresh pain as needed. Toss in a shadow word death now and again. I have tried to level and do dalies with shadow, I notice no damage increase and I loose the bonus of atonement healing, but as I said I hardly ever play it and may be doing it wrong.

I don't plan to raid as a disc dps, but I see no problem with it farming heroics and scenarios for jp.
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90 Tauren Priest
This is a bit random for the CC forums (I wish I had a higher level character on this server).

But trust me, disc can be beastly in heroics. My cousin heals heroics solely through atonement and out-dps's most folks who come in there (including my main, but I hate fury warriors so whatever).

I've also taken to healing normals through atonement. It's so much more fun.
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42 Troll Priest
Dere be anotha way to heal? News ta me, man.
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100 Draenei Death Knight
I wouldn't get bent out of shape by what folks in Dungeon Finder have to say. They have a tendency to be touchy as it's a mish-mash of differing loot priorities, reasons for being there in the first place (I go in for Valor Points, others are going in to gear up alts), and people who are honestly there just to troll.

Always remember that while you should put forth your best effort to cooperate with the other 4 people who are in your group, you aren't there for them. You don't require their permission to do a single thing on your character. You don't require their permission to roll on gear with the priorities you choose, you don't require their permission to use any given spec in "regular" or creative ways, you don't require their permission for anything, and I'm on an active campaign to alter legacy player thinking which says a player does require their party's permission for things.

Usually it's people who haven't sufficiently altered their thinking to accommodate the new paradigm Dungeon Finder has brought about. Before cross-realm groups, people had to form groups from same-realm populations, and had to court reputation carefully in order to maximize the available pool of players to form groups with. While I think it's important on a broader level to behave sensibly in Dungeon or Raid Finder groups (just because I like trying to be a friendly person), the reality is cross-realm groups where you're thrown in with up to 4 or 24 other strangers has a different social dynamic. Letting them force you to do something you don't want to do only benefits them; you don't get the benefit of their good will over the long haul, and thus have no particular incentive to change the way you choose to play your character that you pay the subscription fee for.

Go into Dungeon Finder, be considerate, put forth your best effort for the role you chose when you queued. Roll on upgrades for either of your specs as you feel personally appropriate, and ignore people who try to make you do things their way. The worst that can happen is you're booted by someone looking to abuse the Vote Kick system, and there are tons of other things to do for 30 minutes while that debuff ticks off. Then re-queue.

Most of the time you aren't going to be kicked. Most of the time people remain quiet and just get the dungeon finished. This is, I think, how it should be, though some fun conversation as appropriate (I always try to remember that a lot of people don't type as fast as I do) is optimal.

Get in, get points/gear, ignore the jerks (really /ignore them, so the system doesn't group you with them again), get out. That's the way Dungeon Finder works.
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100 Human Priest
Here's a similar thread from the priest forums if you'd like some more input.

I don't consider myself the finest of disc priests, but it's my favorite spec and the one I prefer playing in, even while soloing. I'm also one of those priests who can heal dungeons almost completely through atonement. I do switch to shadow on the few occasions I'm in a dungeon with another healer. Scenarios I'll happily run as disc.

It is possible to do better DPS as a spriest in dungeons vs. dailies due to the different conditions: you're dealing with mobs who live longer, and you shouldn't be worrying as much about self-healing. So it's not as simple as looking at your numbers and speed while doing dailies and use that as a measurement for how you'll do in dungeons. The only way you'll know for sure is to practice being a spriest as see how you do at it. (To be very honest: I'm a horrible spriest.)

I just straight up queue as a healer for dungeons. Less wait time, and I get to smite everything anyway! The only time I'm in a dungeon with another healer is when I queue with friends and guildmates, so I don't have to worry about people bothering me for playing the spec I prefer if I want to stay disc.

Edit: and listen to Ragefang's advice. :D
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90 Orc Monk
One of my favorite sayings is" With other people's opinions, it still cost 50 cents for a cup of coffee." If you can make it work, screw 'em.
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