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Something I find interesting, which many of you already know, is how the Alliance and Horde act towards each other in-game.

I know some people in real life who are die hard Alliance fans, and all they say is "Death to the Horde!". There are also some people who talk about how they hate the other faction, and I've come across a lot of people like this.

What I've noticed, however, is when I play on my Undead hunter, all the horde players I run across either hate or don't care about alliance players.

My point is; I find it funny and interesting how we all act towards each other. WoW is just a game, split into two different factions, yet, it impacts us on a mental. Making us hostile towards the other faction for no reason, kinda like real life.

I am not hostile towards either faction. I'm more of a neutral player, but I do lean towards Alliance a bit more because of the Night Elves.

Both sides have their faults, as little kids on each side make it look bad at certain times. I'm mostly referencing Youtube video's where people get into comment wars against each other about which side is better.

Anyways, what are all of your thoughts on this?
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My thoughts are this and this is my opinion. I hate all the alliance enough said there, but the players behind those toons I do not have beef with. im a horde player and a huge garrosh supporter. But if I see an alliance person struggling to kill something or a group of the killing a warbringer or w/e. I tend to lend my help cause of my sheer boredom at times. That's just me ask a lot of horde people who know me, im a helpful person and willing to see people get better at the game.
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Go look up the Stanford Prison Experiment.
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I hate lore and everything having to do with it. I think garrosh is effing dumb, and thrall will always be the real horde boss man...

As far as I'm concerned if I see a red name plate above somebody's head, it's either them or me... Doesn't matter what their life story is and what their hopes and dreams are or whether or not they chose the life they live... as long as I can kill it =]

With that being said the models for every single race on alliance besides worgen look like complete !@#$. So aesthetically, Horde is better. We have pretty little elves, cool-looking goblins, and awesome stuff like zombies... not short old men and chunky women, and tenticle-faced aliens. The only race I dislike on horde is tauren... cows are ugly.
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I just want to explain to you why alliance players and horde players .. don't like each other that much. Because horde players started saying they were better then alliance because of better racial abilities. Then alliance players began to fight back at them. Until it got to the point where they began to hate each other, And so on. I'm a alliance fan but I will never take it that far.
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One question why do you hate all alliance. What have they done too you?
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One question why do you hate all alliance. What have they done too you?

That was two questions.
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Death to the alliance!
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I am horde, Steptoe is a character I started long ago and haven't used much, I have played both sides but prefer horde.

As for how I treat alliance, I will help them, such as the time a lower level came into an area where I had been farming leather, he was looting the corpses so I would allow him to get the first hit then I would help kill, he would loot and I would skin.

We saluted each other when we finished and went our separate ways. Incidentally, I could have creamed him when he first showed up because he was flagged, but I would have missed an interesting time.
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I love certain alliance.
Others I will smite.
Depends on the player.
Or the race...
No me gusta nelves.
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