New to Alliance RP.

39 Gnome Monk
Salutations to everyone, and thank you for taking the time to read this. I just have a few questions that I would like some answers and opinions on.

As the title says I am new to Alliance RP. I have done some gnome research on how to behave and RP as a gnome, and of course their lore and stuff.

My question that I present to the court is, since I am a Monk. I am wanting to RP my character as an outcast to the Engineering culture around the Gnomish heritage, and focus on the individuality of my character choosing to enjoy meditating, Fortifying brews, and focus his chi. Then of course kinda feel bitter to those that stereotype my character for being known as an engineer. He doesn't have a problem with his people for it. He just doesn't want to be defined by it.

Do you think that this is workable, or have any pointers? Comments? Anything would be helpful.
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Ahhh! a fellow monk Rper! good good! I shall /bow you when i see you on my travels.

It's workable. The basic of monk RP is the abandonment of one's past, culture and/or training to seek enlightenment and discipline in the path to balance.... or maybe you just want to make brew and punch dragons in the face.... Admit it, that's everyone's dream.

But what you need to understand about Roleplaying a non-pandaren monk is not how but when. When in the timeline did your character decide the monk path is the right way? Was it his life long dream that was fulfilled when the pandaren came to town? or was it later on, when he realize being an engineer ain't as cracked up to be after he saw the wonders of pandaria? Is he an experience monk or is he still in training? And does he accept the humiliation of following that path when questioned by his opposing peers or is he still struggling? ("You stop making mechano chickens... because you wanted to break a rock with your pinkie finger? I HAVE NO SON!")

Remember that the whole wandering isle hub isn't during Pandaria but during the last stage of cataclysm. So put that in that monk training timeline of yours in between roughly 2 years ago to now. I mean i doubt there were gnomes monks 30 years ago training in the waterfall of Loch Modam.

If you want to go in full detail about non-pandaren Monk RP, check out the wow-insider article on this:
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Being a non-stereotypical gnome doesn't mean you have to abandon everything gnomish, mind you. On top of being engineers, gnomes have a tendency to be energetic and eccentric... it happens to pair very well with engineering, but it's certainly not necessary. Monk abilities certainly coincide with "energetic"... when I think of gnome monks I see a little ball of a gnome springing about and kicking people in the face. It sounds like fun, I hope you enjoy it!
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And let's not forget their undying curiosity still holds true no matter the class! Heck, i saw some over excited gnome death knight here and there.
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39 Gnome Monk
Thanks for all your replies, and yes, I have my characters past working as a Tanner, in Ironforge that provided his fellow gnomes with garb, he never was really interested in much of anything in the way of engineering, so thats what he had done, till he heard about the mists that cleared on Pandaria after Deathwings fall, and the exotic fighting style of the races from there, so he sought out, looking for someone that could teach him this new fighting style.

Yes, I still plan on being eccentric, and energetic in RP. He still respects his people for their inventions and has no problem with it, and though, he thinks his people don't have an issue with him being uninterested in it. He feels otherwise. As he spent years in Ironforge supplying Leather Armor to those whom needed it, as his fellow Gnomes were providing engineering marvels to help the Alliance. He feels they dont consider him "as good" as a gnome as he could have been.

As I get more into my character and more comfortable with it, the circumstances may change, but thats my general plan as of now.
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