Where we are at right now: Along with our core members, my two kids are also members (teenager that is rarely on and a 7 year-old that I am slowly and cautiously teaching the game to). I mention this so people know that we don't merely accept kids, but that they are already a part of our guild.

Where we want to be: Our goal is to have about 20 active PVE members.

What makes us special: I know there are a lot of friendly, social, leveling guilds out there. Ours, however, is a place where people of all ages and experience levels are welcomed with open arms.

Times: Because of our work schedules, I am mostly on during the weekends and on some weeknights. During school holidays (I teach) I am on sporadically during the day as well. Evenings are also a time people are on, since work and school is over. As more people join the guild, there should be more activity during the week day, but we are not there yet.

*Bank: All tabs are currently open to all (with access increased due to rank) but people are encouraged to make deposits as well as withdrawals. If this gets abused, access will become more restricted.

*Money: We do not currently have guild repairs. As tabs fill up, they are cleaned out and sold at AH, with all proceeds going back to the bank. There will be several days' notice whenever this happens, so people have a chance to request that certain items are left alone.

*Professions: If requested, guild members should make items for each other for free. This does not include mats. Those should be provided by the person doing the requesting.

*Family Friendly: Keep guild chat clean for the kids.